Clubbing Neon sign in the hallway of The Dean Hotel in Providence
Hallway at The Dean Hotel in Providence

How To Prepare For Your First Clubbing Experience

If you’ve reached the legal age to go out and go clubbing, it pays to know some pointers before you hail a cab with your buddies. After all, it’s your first time and you’d want it to be as memorable and exciting as possible. Getting ready for a clubbing experience is not only about partying hard and having the time of your life; it’s also about being aware and keeping safe from the harms and dangers that one night could potentially bring. 

Depending on where you live, there could be several clubs that you and your friends have been eyeing. There are different themed bars, ranging from adult clubs like Voodoo Lounge to dance clubs and sports clubs. There’s one bar that will make you and your buds have fun, dance, and party hard. 

If you’re a young male getting ready for your first clubbing experience, here are some tips for you: 

Bring Only Your Essentials  

A club or bar can get crowded deep into the night, so it’s not practical to bring a large bag for such a wild night. Chances are, it can be pretty annoying carrying a bulky backpack or office bag while dancing and chilling with friends. Besides, you don’t need a lot of things in the club. You’re there for whatever reason you have, so it doesn’t require anything else other than a few things.  

That said, the following are some essentials you can carry in your pocket or a clutch bag if necessary: 

Identification Card 

An ID is necessary, especially if it’s your first time going clubbing. Most of the bouncers or the people on the entryways would require you to show one before getting in. This is a must for many adult clubs and other bars. Although sometimes they’ll let you pass without showing your ID (if you look adult enough), they may still require you to provide proof. So, avoid wasting your night away by bringing a valid ID.  

Mobile Phone 

Although this is a no-brainer, it still deserves a spot on this list. Some people tend to leave their phones at home because they want to avoid carrying many things in their pockets. However, it’s essential to have your phone with you for the rest of the night for security and practicality. You’d also probably want to snap some photos with your peers in the club. 

Cash Or Credit Card 

This goes without saying that, of course, you need to pay for your alcohol and bar entrance fees if there are any. Credit cards are more advisable so you won’t have to fidget with coins and spare change in your pocket. Another alternative is to use your cashless payment options installed on your phone. The key is to ask the club what their modes of payment are ahead of time.  

House Keys 

Considering that you’re planning to drink a lot and get wasted, you may forget your car keys and take a cab instead. However, don’t forget to bring your house keys as you need them to enter your home safe and sound after getting drunk at the nightclub.  

Go With Your Friends  

This next item on the list is an obvious tip; the best way to enjoy your nightclub experience is to go there with your closest buddies. It can be daunting to go clubbing for the first time, but it will be a joyous and exciting event when you have your other close friends to share the thrill with you. If your other friends haven’t also been to an adult nightclub before, you’ll be able to have each other’s back when anything goes awry.  

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Confident  

Men don’t put a lot of effort into their outfits unlike women, and the same goes for a clubbing experience. However, because it’s your first time and you want to have the time of your life, it would be ideal to choose something that will make you feel confident in your own skin.

Clubbing is all about enjoying the night, and it will be more fun when you look good and feel good about yourself. There are tips to figure out your personal style, so apply them when you head to the club. Additionally, it’s best to check the dress code of the club you’re planning to go to so you can wear appropriate clothing once you’re there. 

Check Your Drinks Always  

Although this tip is more applicable for women and ladies, it won’t hurt to apply it to males, too. Keep an eye on what you drink. The bar or clubs are filled with people from all walks of life, and you can’t tell the good ones from the bad. You could endanger yourself by being lenient and passive about your surroundings. Some people could easily get drugged just because they fail to monitor their drinks constantly. Therefore, this tip should be stated and stressed for people to be more careful. 

Many factors can make or break your first clubbing experience. Hopefully, you can apply the tips mentioned above so you’ll make the most of your first time in the nightclub. Don’t forget to invite your closest buddies, bring your essential stuff, and wear something comfortable that makes you look dapper.