How to Plan an Awesome Bachelor Party

How to Plan an Awesome Bachelor Party

Well, it’s finally happening. Your best friend is getting married and he’s about to give up his fun, partying ways for the stability of marriage. But it’s not all bad, there’s still the bachelor party to be had, after all! If you want to give the groom an epic send-off into monogamy, we’ve got all the tips and tricks right here. Keep reading to learn about how to give the groom in your life an experience he’ll never forget.

Choose the right party format

If you’re the best man, it’s your job to figure out the details of the bachelor party. It’s really important to make sure the type of party reflects the groom. Why? Because you don’t want to send an outdoorsy granola-type into Vegas where he won’t have fun and will likely be uncomfortable. Instead, make sure the party theme matches the groom’s personality where he will feel at home.

If the groom is outdoorsy, consider a weekend camping trip where everyone can hike, bike, and trade stories by the campfire. Perhaps the groom loves to go out and club, if that’s the case, a trip to Vegas might be in order. Activities can include going out to famous Vegas clubs, gambling, and morning hangover brunches.

Or, you can go uber traditional and just throw a house party where the groom and his closest friends can get back in touch with the good ol’ college days: beer pong, flip cup, and Edward 40-Hands. And if you are all fans of gambling and want a safe way to play online, tournaments at one of these poker rooms come highly recommended.Whatever kind of party you decide on, run it by the groom before you start making reservations and getting into the details.

Pick the guests

Obviously, it’s important to invite all the groomsmen to the bachelor party but beyond that, things get iffy. You don’t want the bachelor party to be too big because the groom can easily feel overwhelmed and it can be expensive to find one place that can fit lots of people. But, you also want to avoid snubbing close friends of the groom. Ultimately, make sure the groom knows who’s coming and adjust the guest list as necessary.

Send out invitations

Everything’s done over the internet these days but if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider sending out paper invites over digital ones.  What’s more exciting than getting mail, after all? Try to send invitations out at least two months in advance, especially if the party is happening at a far-away destination that isn’t close to all the guests. This will give the guests time to plan and figure out a way to attend!

Plan out activities

If you’ve booked the place for the bachelor party, you might think you’re completely done and can just sit back. Not quite yet! It’s important to keep the party exciting, so choose some activities or games to play while everyone’s partying. Not only will this keep the event interesting but it keeps everyone engaged and acts as an icebreaker.

Choose a theme

If the bachelor party is happening near a holiday, consider requesting costumes or providing guests with matching clothing like men’s St. Patrick’s Day shirts for St Paddy’s! Or, stick to a decade like the 80s.

Don’t forget about food

Bachelor parties typically involve imbibing alcohol. In order to avoid a bachelor party that gets out of control with the cops showing up with flashlights, make sure to provide food and snacks to guests. You can choose catering or do it potluck style and encourage everyone showing up to bring a favorite dish. At the very least, make sure the food you provide is hardy to fill everyone up – and pay attention to any guests’ dietary restrictions so you don’t end up with hangry party-goers.

Goodie bags

Remember when you attended parties as a kid and you got a goodie bag at the end? It’s time to bring that tradition back. Put a small bottle of champagne, fancy chocolate truffles, and a Polaroid of the party shenanigans in a basic paper bag to hand out at the end of the party. Guests will love this thoughtful touch!

Final thoughts

Planning a bachelor party involves a lot of different components. You have to find the perfect venue and make sure all of the groom’s nearest and dearest can attend. But with a little thoughtfulness, you can throw a bachelor party that guests will be talking about for decades to come. Follow this bachelor party guide to throw the event of a lifetime!