Modest Decadence: Bachelor Party Ideas For The Jetsetter

In many respects, the traditional bachelor party can seem like a tawdry affair, but if you’re trying to avoid the cliched drinking games and general debauchery that comes with having a bunch of guys together in one place, consider expanding your scope. Whether want to go to some far-flung places like Cuba, or keep it closer to home, there are plenty of ways for you to get a decent bachelor party without descending into the cliched methods. 

A Journey Through Wine Country

If you have the luxury of going abroad, wine country tours a more relaxed affair. You can go to beautiful vineyards and relaxed country style places, so you can have the opportunity to ponder and spend time with the people you care about in a more picturesque setting than a bar! You can head to Kahawai Point in New Zealand, and take advantage of the sweeping hills, gorgeous weather, and still get your fair share of alcohol down you! Wine country is a relaxed, yet mature method of drinking with your buddies.

Experiencing Culture Through Its Music

Throw a random dart, and you will find a place that has a rich history of music. But for our money, if you want to experience the blues, you need to get to Memphis. Or if this isn’t your cup of tea, go to Nashville, the epicenter of country music. The great thing about Nashville is that it’s so friendly you will make buddies along the way. And if you’re looking for a bachelor party where there is no end in sight, and you end up on random adventures, Nashville is one of the safest places to do this, while still getting your fair share of fantastic music and nightlife.

Do You Want To Hit The Beach?

Naturally, as the fall kicks in, the weather begins to change for most of us. Instead of reconciling yourself to a damp and dreary bachelor party, head to Mexico, especially the city of Cabo San Lucas, which is a hotbed for spring breakers, but as far as bachelor parties are concerned, it’s full of beaches, great nightlife, the weather is fantastic, but also, it is cheap! It’s also a very safe place to visit, partly due to it being a tourist hotspot, but you can still find places under the radar to get the most of your bachelor party experience.


You could easily turn your bachelor party into a cornucopia of cuisine. Go anywhere, and there’s a rich and diverse serving of food. But for our money, why don’t you go to London? From spicy Caribbean to the traditional fish and chips, if you are hungry, you can go from eatery to eatery and get your fill of food, drink, and great nightlife. Ultimately, isn’t this what a bachelor party is all about? A relaxed affair with your closest friends, and getting your fair share of modest decadence under your belt. Bachelor parties can be hedonistic affairs, but if you’re looking for a relaxed, casual approach, try these places.