6 Gifts Your Wife Actually Wants for Valentine’s Day

Each February 14th that comes and goes requires more and more thought and attention to detail. Of course, you want your wonderful wife to feel special everyday, but Valentine’s Day should be an even more elaborate occasion! If you’ve run out of ideas from years past, check out these 6 gifts your wife will love!

1. A spa day

Whether she’s a career mogul, a domestic queen, or the perfect balance between both roles, chances are, your sweetheart could use a day of nothing but relaxation. Treat her to a spa day at a local resort and encourage her to bring a book, podcast, or whatever makes her feel most at peace. Some spa days even include yoga and exercise classes if she wants to work up a sweat before unwinding by the pool or hot tub.

If the two of you need time to relax together, why not book a trip with a couples massage for the two of you to enjoy? It’ll surely be a nice time to reconnect and make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

2. Practical (but fashionable) shoes

Men: in case you didn’t know, wearing high heels is a chore. They make you walk slower, the heel gets caught in uneven surfaces, and they’re honestly pretty impractical, no matter how great they look. If your lady dreads the thought of heels but feels obliged to wear them all of the time, a pair of stylish chelsea boots for women could be the best gift you ever give her.

Chelsea boots are among the latest in fashion trends thanks to their sleek, low-profile silhouette and effortless polish that make them suitable for any outfit or occasion.

3. Unique jewelry

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Valentine’s past, it’s that no girlfriend, fiance, or wife wants the jewelry you find near the department store checkout. You know, the heart shaped diamond that every other clueless boyfriend or husband is snagging last-minute.

However, your wife would adore a pair of classic gold earrings or a zodiac necklace customized to her astrological sign. When it comes to buying jewels for your special someone, stick to the path less traveled. Trust us, she’ll be able to tell if you went with a piece without putting much thought into it.

4. Beauty and skin care products

If you’re looking for a simple, but thoughtful gift your girl will love, just take a peek into your shared medicine cabinet. Most women are creatures of habit when it comes to finding beauty products they love. Take note of the items she constantly keeps stocked and refill her inventory! Not only is this gift useful, but she’ll think it’s so sweet that you noticed!

ProTip: Don’t go in blind on this one, only shop for beauty products you know she loves.

5. A revolving closet

From weddings to parties and work events, the modern woman’s schedule is filled with activity, which means she’s constantly on the hunt for a new look. If your wife has a busy social calendar, a strong sense of style, but no time to go shopping, consider getting her a monthly clothing subscription. This way, she can get curated clothing delivered right to her door without having to waste time at the mall or having to plan so far in advance.

6. A staycation

There’s nothing like an extravagant vacation to really make your wife feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s relaxing at the beach or skiing in the mountains, taking a week or even a weekend to spend time with your S.O. is what Valentine’s Day should be all about. But you don’t need to spend your entire savings in order to make this February 14th feel special. If the two of you have made saving money one of your 2020 goals, you might consider taking a staycation instead.

That’s right, play tourist in your own town for once! Book a boutique hotel or maybe even a deluxe Airbnb. What’s cool about a staycation, is you get to see your own town in a different way and not have to worry about going to work, running errands, etc.

Here are a few ideas to make your staycation extra special:

  • Try a new restaurant
  • Visit a tourist attraction midweek
  • Take a road trip to the scenic areas outside of town


With these 6 gifting tips, you’ll surely make this February 14th the best one yet!