How to Make a Linkedin Profile Better and Use Paid Accounts to Succeed

Are you looking for a job or you want to get more useful professional connections? So you should definitely be on LinkedIn. This platform is a real storehouse for job seekers, entrepreneurs and companies – here you can achieve any professional goals: find a dream job, get more profitable offers, prove yourself or promote a startup and find support.  

You probably think that the lion’s share of success depends on your resume and portfolio, but there is little truth in this. You see, today HR managers look not only at the fruits of your work, but also at you as a person. This means that you’d always be visible and strengthen your presence on the Internet. The easiest way to do this is on LI, the platform has a lot of useful features and tools for career development. 

Besides, it’s not just a job board, but a social network too, so you can be active here as well as on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Today we’ll tell you how to make your LI account stand out at the initial stage, use paid accounts and improve your professional rating. Keep reading!

Fill out your account wisely

So, imagine that you’re a recruiter and are looking for an excellent specialist for the company. Which candidate’s account will you look at first: empty and ridiculous, or filled and professional? The answer is obvious, the second one. That’s why it’s so important to have a great account that would show you as a true professional.

Check out all the sections of your profile and add as much information about yourself as possible. Of course, you shouldn’t write much about your life outside of work, your favorite music and hobbies, but you should  fill in all the information fields and give enough information about you to an HR specialist. 

You should also understand that recruitment managers won’t read long texts and headlines. Brevity is the sister of talent, write about yourself briefly, but interestingly and informatively, then your chances of standing out will increase.


Start investing in your account right now

In general, many newcomers here often make one mistake – they’re afraid to invest in their online future and think that there is no need for this. But that’s not true. The competition on the platform is intense, and standing out here can be a real challenge for you, especially if you don’t have a lot of professional connections and experience. That’s why SMM experts advise to immediately start investing in the profile little by little, supporting it.

Where can you start? If you don’t have time and resources to make your account famous in the online community and get a lot of connections and endorsements, then you’d check out packages with paid accounts: . Such a service will cost you only a couple of dollars, but you will get a huge benefit from it. 

Using paid accounts, you can, for example, get new interactions with a new account and attract more attention to it, or personalize a paid profile and make it for yourself. There are a lot of options, so you can show imagination and use them for any goals.

Pick the best profile photo 

It’s no secret that recruiters on Linkedin pay attention to a candidate’s appearance too, it’s natural. Moreover, users with great photos get 20 times more views – isn’t that a reason to find (or make) the best image of yourself and upload it?

The right photo for a professional profile should be friendly and simple enough, but at the same time not casual, as on IG or FB. The main thing for a recruitment manager is your face, so don’t look for the perfect jacket, a photo in your favorite shirt is enough. 

Show that you know how to smile, don’t be afraid to look stupid or awkward, recruiters are attracted by a friendly look and a pleasant half-smile. Don’t use your image from ancient times, a fresh and high-quality photo is great.

Create an attractive summary 

Recruiters on Linkedin take the most important information for themselves and quickly decide whether you are suitable for the position or not. Therefore, your resume should be brief but useful – feel free to write your current (or previous) place of work, your work experience, what role you are looking for and what you are particularly good at.
It is better to leave information about your favorite football team, the completed video game and the best movie at the interview stage, when the HR manager wants to know a little more about you. Good luck!