Visiting Vegas? Gamble On The Tables, Not With Your Enjoyment

Viva Las Vegas! The gambling capital of the world is a bucket list destination for travel enthusiasts across the globe. If you’ve booked (or are preparing to book) a trip, the odds are that you will have a great time in Nevada. Nonetheless, failing to maximize your time in Sin City would be exactly that: a sin.

When visiting Vegas, you want to gamble with money but not time. With these seven simple suggestions, you won’t need luck to enjoy your time to the max. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the wheel spinning on a trip of a lifetime.

#1. Lose The Hotel

Any serious gambler is a frequent visitor that won’t need to read this post. Therefore, the luxury hotels in Vegas are probably an unnecessary expense for you. Everyone loves a slice of the good life, but you won’t spend much time in the room other than to sleep.

Sacrificing the small benefit of being located on the Strip is a small price to pay for the savings of choosing alternative methods. With modern services like Airbnb, it’s possible to find a luxurious and comfortable place to stay at a fraction of the price. Even if you end up taking Uber rides to the center of entertainment, you’ll save a lot of money. In truth, it can be quite nice to get away from the lights at nighttime too.

Besides, many of the hotels allow guests to visit the pool areas. Subsequently, there’s no chance of missing out.

#2. Pack Your Camera

Whether it’s a long weekend or a fortnight stay, your time in Vegas will fly by. When you use your time wisely, however, those memories will last a lifetime. While it’s great to have those images on the mind, a quality camera allows you to capture them forever. Whether it’s showing those snaps off to friends or reminiscing with the people you traveled with, this will extend the joy for the rest of your life.

The famous Strip is packed with famous attractions that you’ve seen in films. It’s technically located in the towns of Paradise and Winchester. However, the photographs taken along the Boulevard will brighten up your social media feeds and can be turned into canvas art for the home. For a trip such as this, your iPhone camera simply won’t do.

#3. Take A Trip To The Grand Canyon

Vegas is a location synonymous with stunning architecture, dazzling lights, and manmade attractions. However, you don’t have to go too far before finding a piece of true natural beauty. It will take a few hours to reach the Grand Canyon. Nonetheless, it’s an attraction that nobody visiting this part of America should miss out on.

Professionally organized trips to the Canyon are available on a daily basis. Meanwhile, car rentals allow you to complete this excursion on your terms. The scenery and backdrops created by miles of the Colorado River will leave you breathless. The photos opportunities are incredible too.

For those wanting to make the trip even more special, helicopter tours are the perfect way to guarantee the trip of a lifetime.

#4. Book To See Some Shows

Back in Sin City, gambling is an activity that will almost certainly consume some of your time. When handled in the right manner, there’s no doubt that this can be a great part of the trip. However, Vegas does have a lot more to offer. Ignoring those opportunities would be a huge regrettable decision.

This is a magical part of the world, and you can embrace this fact with discount tickets at Las Vegas Jaunt. The level of entertainment is second to none and will prove to be another killer ingredient in the recipe for the perfect Vegas stay. If magic isn’t your thing, there is a plethora of live music and similar events to choose from too.

To visit the capital of entrainment and not soak it in would be utter madness. If nothing else, it’s a great way to curb your spending.

#5. Find Day Attractions

Depending on the companions, there’s a good chance that some of the mornings will be lost. Still, you don’t want your whole trip to be solely about nights of gambling and drinking. Vegas is home to some wonderful attractions ranging from zoos and theme parks to shooting ranges. Alternatively, balloon rides and driving excursions can be great fun.

In truth, though, just walking through the area can be amazing on a nice day. Especially when you see the fountains of the Bellagio and other iconic landmarks. However, there is a large homeless community, and petty crime rates are fairly high. Staying vigilant at all times is vital.

#6. Enjoy The Food & Drink

As a destination that attracts some of the wealthiest people on the planet, Vegas is home to some of the world’s best restaurants. In truth, treating the taste buds is a holiday favorite in any destination. A trip to Nevada shouldn’t be any different.

The list of great restaurants is vast and ranges from cheap eats to the finest dining experiences. Everyone has their personal tastes and preferences. But this guide to the best restaurants in each casino should point you in the right direction. Or you can just play it by ear.

When it comes to drinking, though, visiting Irish bars like the Nine Fine Irishman is a must. Not only is the atmosphere incredible, but you’ll also gain the luck o’ the Irish. For anyone hitting the tables, this has to be a hot selling point.

#7. Set A Gambling Limit

Vegas is a wonderfully exciting place, but it’s very easy to get sucked into the bright lights. If you’re not careful, it could leave you on the verge of tears. As a casual punter, having a strict limit on how much you’re willing to lose is vital. Otherwise, gambling could turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

Besides, if you’ve accounted for the potential loss, any returns will be a bonus.