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Amazing Cake And Snacks Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

As exciting as it may sound, setting up your kid’s birthday party can be a very exhausting task. From considering music and entertainment options to choosing a theme and interesting decorations, the food and beverage part of the equation can fall right through the cracks. While the snack and dessert selection is usually a last-minute decision, food is typically among the most important aspects of any event. To help you out, we collected amazing cake and snack ideas for your kid’s birthday party. 

Pizza, But Make It Fruity!

Being part of an all-moms community means that you have probably encountered all sorts of obsessive moms, including ones who make you feel guilty for allowing your child to eat candy. While ensuring that your child eats a healthy diet is a must, a fun and delicious treat every now and then is surely good for the soul. However, if you want to please all parties, sneaking a healthy snack into the food corner can be a great idea. With this fruity pizza on the table, you will be surprised to see the number of children who are willing to eat fruits for the day. Start by baking a large, round sugar cookie crust using store-bought cookie dough. Then, coat the top with the children’s favorite cream cheese for the mock sauce. If you want, you can go the extra mile and use natural red food coloring to mimic tomato sauce. Then, cut your choice of fruits into bite-sized pieces, and place them nicely on top of cream cheese. Finish it off by cutting the cookie into faux pizza slices. If you’re worried that the cookie might break, you can do this step before you bake the dough and add the cheese and toppings.

DIY Parfait Bar

If you are short on activities and snacks, a DIY parfait bar may just be the answer you’re searching for. Hit two birds with one stone by having the kids prepare their own healthy parfaits. You can provide a wide array of yogurt choices, ranging from Greek, cow’s milk, and coconut yogurts to fruit-flavored ones for the children to choose from. Depending on the season, provide fresh or frozen berries, and other fruit options of your choice, like mango cubes and banana slices. You can also crush up some oat-based cookies so that the kids can add them to the parfaits. This is a very fun activity that children and parents can enjoy together. They will also end up with very healthy and filling snacks to eat. The DIY parfait bar will surely be the highlight of the day. 

Don’t Forget the Birthday Cake!

It goes without saying that you can’t have a birthday without a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are every child’s favorite. Months before their birthday, children come up with all sorts of ideas regarding what they want their cake to look like. Unfortunately, custom-made store-bought cakes have become incredibly expensive. They usually take up a huge portion of the birthday’s budget, forcing you to skimp on the decorations and entertainment. Asking your child if they would like to help you bake their own cake can be a nice bonding activity that could wind up saving you a lot of money. You can browse through the various cake recipes on the internet, choosing ones that incorporate your kid’s favorite flavor. You will easily find piping tips and icing colors that are made especially for cake decorating in any party store. When you bring out the cake during the birthday party, make sure to announce that your child was the mastermind and chef behind your homemade cake.  Of course, if the kiddos don’t like cake, you can always try something more exotic like a durian puff!

Mini Corn Dogs

If your food station lacks some savory food choices, mini corn dogs can be a great option. Although you can grab frozen ones at the store, endless online recipes offer extensive guides on how to make much healthier ones at home. Besides being loved by almost everyone, mini corn dogs are easy and quick to eat. If any vegan guests will be stopping by, make sure to check out vegan corn dog bites recipes online. Provide basic, yet yummy condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and barbeque sauce beside your corn dog platter. 

No occasion is complete without a mouth-watering display that complements the general feel and keeps your guests satisfied. Especially during a kid’s birthday party, providing a wide array of nutritious, visually appealing, and satiating snacks is a must; they must eat to stay energized. Not only do children get very cranky when hungry, but they are also very picky eaters, which can only make things harder for you.