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How To Find A Sustainable Off-Road Motorcycle

Owning an off-road motorcycle can be expensive, especially if you use it frequently on rugged terrain. An electric bike is a more budget-friendly alternative for those hardcore adventure lovers who also care about lessening their carbon footprint. However, since these have become widely available, choosing the right one for you isn’t the easiest thing to do. Here are some tips and tricks to help you find your perfect sustainable, off-road motorcycle.

Geometry and Weight

The first and most important criteria for any off-road vehicle is suitable geometry for its intended use. Off-road trails are often rough and uneven, which means that you need a bike designed for endurance on rocky and steep mountainous terrain and possibly on dirt roads in and out of forests. While most electric dirtbikes offer one or two of these characteristics, not all of them allow complete freedom on all kinds of terrains. The weight of the bike has great bearing on its geometry and potential performance. They can weigh anywhere between 140 to 275 pounds – and the heavier they are, the harder they are to maneuver. So, if you want your motorcycle to be easy to handle, you should opt for a more lightweight one.

Battery Capacity

The second thing you should contemplate when buying your next motorcycle is its battery specs. Its voltage, as well as the technology the battery is made with, will determine how many miles you can go with one charge. For example, Nickel-metal hydride and Lithium-Ion are somewhat cheaper but a lot heavier than lithium polymer batteries. In addition, those with lower voltage will provide you with less power and will last a shorter time.

The combined weight of the rider and the bike can also affect the range of the vehicle, as more weight means more power is being used. The difficulty of the terrain you intend to use your vehicle on is another factor you need to consider when opting for one with a particular range. A good quality, well-designed electric dirtbike battery can last you from 3 to 5 hours or 100 miles. However, there are also some that will only last for less than 60 minutes before you have to recharge them again, so this is something you really want to pay attention to. If you plan to ride for up to 100 miles on one trip, it’s recommended to go with models that have 36V lithium polymer batteries holding up to 5 hours at a time. This often means spending a little more but will ensure you are never left without charge.

Wheels and Suspension

Just as their gas-fueled counterparts, electric bikes also come with different tire and wheel sizes. Off-road motorcycles, in particular, have the greatest variation in sizes as these are available for larger children as well. What’s more, the height of some of these models can even be altered via an adjustable suspension. So as the child grows, the suspension can be adapted to their size and you will only need to worry about changing the wheels. Whether they are made for recreational purposes or for an intense ride, the suspension on off-road bikes is also meant to be durable. However, you can make sure you get the most out of it by combining it with the right wheel size for your frame. The wheel sizing for children depends on their age, while adult men with an average build should opt for 28-inch wheels or higher, and a 26-inch wheel is usually suitable for most adult women.


While the most attractive advantage of electric motorcycles is that they require far less upkeep, they will still have to be maintained regularly. In fact, the more specs they have, the more attention you will have to pay to them. This means that you will need to make sure you buy a vehicle you can afford to keep in good working condition for an extended period of time. Since it ensures the longevity of your engine, using coolant is an absolute must, however, some models require less liquid than others. Bike chains are also prone to damage in off-road conditions, but less so if they are made of high-quality steel.

Which sustainable bike you choose will depend on your needs and preferences. While your budget will play a considerable part in your decision, keep in mind that with a higher price comes a higher quality as well. Aside from that, you should definitely think about your riding style, the length of your trips, and the terrain you will be using the motorcycle on. Once you have sorted out these basic criteria, feel free to shop around to find the off-road motorcycle that best suits your body and adventurous lifestyle.