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Surviving Work With Snacking On The Go

It’s 3pm and I am exhausted, running low on the energy needed to push through these long days. Trust me, they are worth it, but when I am going from 5 A.M. until, well, who knows, with 12 to 14 hours spent in the office, sometimes finding the time to refuel can be a bit troublesome. I am not an afternoon coffee drinker, and avoid most sodas and sugary foods in the afternoon as well, knowing full well that snacking on these would lead to a not-so-fun crash in the evening. I need something a bit more, well, adult.

And ‘adult’ is what I found in the new Hillshire Snacking line. Unlike the other snackables, the portions seem smart and the flavors available are on point with my palette, and there is enough variety between them that I can enjoy one mid-afternoon each day at work and be able to savor each one. My favorite so far has been the Grilled Chicken Bites with Teriyaki Dipping Sauce, but that’s because the Spicy Chipotle is always out of stock when I go to the store, and I know I will love that one. A nice proverbial kick in the mouth mid-afternoon is always what the body needs. Another delicious option is the one with Honey Mustard, an old favorite flavor of mine I am more than ecstatic to see returning to the delicious stage of food.

With the Grilled Chicken Bites, the chicken is perfect strait from the package, dare I say even better than anything I’ve been able to cook up, and there is so little mess to worry about that I can snack on the little bites walking between meetings or even just catching up at my desk with no problems. And even though it is real chicken, the prep is done and it’s served cold, with the only work on my end being peeling the package back and enjoying.

It's seriously that simple.
It’s seriously that simple.

These are not for your kids, or even your friends really. You don’t want to share them, and even as I hide mine in the back of the fridge so one doesn’t accidently disappear in the day, I know some around me are waiting for their chance to pounce. As they drink their burnt, old coffee and much on vending machine delicacies, I get to enjoy that adult snack I crave mid day. And as easy as it is to toss in my bag in the morning, it’s a simple reminder that even the tiny little meals don’t need to be boring, but can be elevated to something delicious.

So go ahead, make your work neighbors jealous and stay fueled throughout the day. There is no reason you should have to suffer on empty, and with the variety of options from Hillshire Snacking, there really is no excuse.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hillshire Snacking. The opinions and text are all mine.