How to Design a Patio

A garden patio is a worthwhile addition to any home. It’ll provide an extra outdoor living space that you’ll be able to really enjoy during summer, and it’ll often add considerably to the value of your property at the same time.

So, how do you design a garden patio? Let’s take a look at a few principles.


The size of your patio will largely be a product of the size of your garden. But you should be wary about the space dominating. Ideally, you’ll want to allow a few square metres per person. If you’re planning to install specialist appliances, or break the space up into multiple zones, then it might be a good idea to plan accordingly.


If you have an idea of the sorts of furniture and decorative items you’d like to feature in your patio, then you’ll be able to arrange the design accordingly. Ideally, you’ll want somewhere to sit and eat – this will tend to be the hub of the space. You can arrange plants and lights around it. This goes especially if you intend to be spending time outdoors, even late into the evening. Solar lights work by collecting energy during the daylight hours, and releasing it at night. They’re low maintenance and easy to set up, without any trailing cables.


The closer your patio is to the home, the easier you’ll find it to bring food and drink out to your guests. But convenience might not be your only concern – the shape of your garden might demand that you shift the patio further toward the back.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you might choose a location that isn’t overlooked. If this is unavoidable, then you might treat yourself to a little bit of seclusion with the help of trees or a pergola. Make sure that you plan this all in advance, and arrange your patio accordingly.


Different kinds of patios will require different materials. This means the patio itself, as well as any surrounding scenery and decorative items. If you’re building a rockery, or planting a raised flowerbed, then you’ll want to select your materials accordingly. If you’ve already got a plan of the layout and dimensions of the patio, and you have a rough budget in mind, then you’ll find that your choice of materials might be limited.

Ideally, the materials you use should reflect the overall theme of the garden. If you already have a theme in place, your decision is probably going to be quite straightforward. If you’re planning an extensive redesign, then you should decide on a theme and choose all your elements to reflect it. That way, you’ll end up with a coherent, cohesive patio that you’ll be proud of!