Take a Break from Fashion

We’ve all been there. Becoming irritated the way clothes are fitting. Nothing seems to fit the way it used to. You want everything, but don’t wear it when you get it. Its time to take a step back and analyze why you started to care about how you look. Why you prefer to browse clothing stores rather than sporting good stores. Everyone should have a hobby, but once they become an irritation on every day life, it is time to take a step back. Here are some tell-tale signs you need to take a break from fashion.

Nothing Fits Right

This is the absolute worst. You wake up, put on your favorite shirt and realize its just a bit too long. Nothing out of the ordinary. Most people wouldn’t even care. But you put the shirt back in the closet never to wear it again. What is the problem here? You’re starting to nitpick every minute detail, when most people could care less.

Something that was once your favorite has been thrown to the back of the closet. Now what? If you’re not getting paid to look good, this is just a hobby. A hobby is supposed to be fun. A creative outlet for most to express themselves. What you’re doing is tearing down your favorite pieces and over analyzing.

Wanting More Than You Need

Ever notice you want to buy something? When your wants list becomes too big for you to handle, it is time to take a step back. Wanting is human nature, but wanting can turn into lust. Keep your wants list to a maximum of 5 if you’re having trouble controlling your spending. Whenever you see something else you like, you have the choice to add it and delete something else. This will make you prioritize what you really want versus what you may regret buying later on.

How to Combat this Obsession

Stay off internet forums. These usually have the highest critique rate and ability to nitpick the smallest details. They also contribute to buying what you don’t need.

Have some leeway. When I would go to the grocery store, I used to go through the same dressing routine I went through when I went to a nice restaurant. Try wearing gym shorts out. Learn to realize dressing well isn’t that big of a deal. Odds are you live in an area where the majority of men have a woman do their clothes shopping.

What to take away

Remember, dressing well is a hobby. Something you do for fun, not for sport. Don’t compare yourself to others and use it as an outlet for your own creativity. And remember while fashion can get tiresome and turn into a chore, style is effortless and all about you.