Hair Loss

Hair Loss Doesn’t Need To Be Embarrassing

A lot of people look at hair loss and see it as an embarrassing condition. They do what they can to hide the fact they might be losing hair and it can be a stressful situation that takes a while to get over. In fact, there are psychological impacts of hair loss that can eventually lead to depression and anxiety if it’s not handled correctly. If you find yourself struggling to cope with the fact that you might have hair loss, then you may want to look for solutions or even embrace the transformation that’s going to happen.

In this post, we’ll be talking about why hair loss doesn’t need to be embarrassing.

The causes of hair loss aren’t really things we can change

Many of us know that hair loss is a thing that can happen to us, but most people don’t really know what causes hair loss. It’s most often due to a combination of hereditary factors, hormones, and sometimes medication. It can also be an underlying health condition. In other words; it’s mostly factors that we can’t really change. Hereditary factors aren’t something we can change, our hormones are generally not something we can control, and medication is important to take and most of us wouldn’t skip taking important medicine just to save our hair.

As such, if you’re experiencing hair loss then there’s a good chance you can’t have done anything about it. It’s an inevitability for some people and they just have to live with it.

There are treatments available if you look around

There are two types of hair loss treatments that exist right now. The first isn’t really a treatment and more a temporary solution. This involves spraying “hair” onto your scalp to patch up areas that are balding. It either colours the scalp and makes the area thicker, or it actually creates hair-like filaments that stick to your scalp and existing hair to add volume. This is generally considered a quick fix solution that doesn’t really last long.

Proper hair treatments tend to involve some kind of procedure. It can involve transplanting donor hair to your scalp, or it can involve removing hair from one part of your scalp to another part to cover the balding areas. This is a much longer process but offers natural hair growth instead of just a temporary spray-on solution. It involves consultation and you’ll need to find a doctor that is skilled in grafting or transplanting hair, but it’s a permanent solution to hair loss.

Hair loss can happen to anyone and with the majority of it coming from hereditary factors, it’s not something we can really control. While you might blame your lifestyle choices or lack of action in the past, it’s ultimately not something that you should be embarrassed about. If you want to do something about it, there are options available. Otherwise, you can just live with your new hairstyle and embrace it as a part of who you are.