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9 Useful Tricks For Balancing Your CBD Intake

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. Some use it to treat pain and inflammation, while others treat anxiety and other mood disorders. CBD is a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, some of which may carry serious side effects. Cannabidiol products come in different forms: oils, creams, and capsules, and the best time to take them will depend on what benefits you are looking to get from your Cannabidiol. Although many health benefits are well-known, what is less understood is how to manage your CBD intake.


Smokable CBD took the world by storm in 2017, and many people are looking for a more convenient way to consume it. Luckily, vaporizing offers a smooth, efficient way to medicate with Cannabidiol. Vape pens provide the same health benefits as CBD e-liquid but with the added convenience of a compact, pen-like device. The Cannabidiol specialists at Joy Organics say that vaping increases bioavailability, helping deliver a potent dose. The CBD vape is one of the more common ways for people to consume CBD. Cannabidiol oil is absorbed differently in this method than in other forms, and people often feel the effects faster. Those who vape frequently will find pre measured amounts in disposable pens the most convenient.


These are a great way to know precisely how much CBD you are putting into your body. This is because each softgel has a measured amount. If you know what your dose should be, then a softgel is a good choice because the effects often last a long time.

Topical Creams

Cannabidiol creams are great for people who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without having to inhale it or take it as a supplement. It’s an ideal choice for people who don’t like the taste or feel of CBD oil tinctures, drinks, etc. Cannabidiol creams are also beneficial for athletes looking for CBD pain relief products and need to recover more quickly from training and exercise. You can balance your intake because you will only apply to the areas you need to.


Sublingual is a word that means that it is taken under the tongue. A sublingual spray is a spray that is taken under your tongue. When CBD is taken sublingually, the Cannabidiol enters your bloodstream directly through the tissues in your mouth. The Cannabidiol is absorbed quicker by bypassing the digestive system, and your body does not process it. Sublingual CBD is a lot more efficient than other methods. It also means that you can measure the amount you are taking very accurately.


For those that might not know, CBD gummies are a great way to get the calming effects without dealing with the taste of the oil or the extra time needed to get the results. They come in packs that have been accurately measured and can be an excellent way to take alone or used as a top-up.


CBD tinctures are a concentrated liquid form of CBD that is typically taken under the tongue. The liquid will absorb into your body much faster than an oil or a capsule. This is because the liquid has been absorbed into your bloodstream, reducing the time it takes for the Cannabidiol to take effect. Tinctures are usually administered via a dropper or spray, meaning that you will know precisely what you are taking.


Dabbing is the process of vaporizing CBD oil and inhaling the vapors through a dab rig. When you heat the oil with a special tool, it creates steam that you can inhale through your bong. This is not as accurate as some other methods, but it is less likely to take too much. This is because a lot of the vapor will be dissipated rather than inhaled.


Inhalers are an excellent method to take in CBD. Each dose will be metered and will go directly into your lungs and then the bloodstream. Inhaling is a fast and accurate technique.


CBD drinks are perhaps the most exciting developments to hit the market in a long time. These beverages have been thoroughly tested to ensure purity, strength, and safety and are currently available in many flavors with mixed and pure CBD. CBD drinks are a great way to get a daily dose of CBD, and anyone, regardless of age or health, can consume them.

What are the Factors That Affect CBD Dosage?

Various factors will affect what dosage is optimal for your specific purpose.

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Gender is one of the most significant factors when it comes to determining CBD dosage. Recent studies have found that the dosage needed for a single person can be different, depending on whether they are male or female. The dosage of CBD that a woman requires for maximum effectiveness will be more than a man. This is due to several factors, including body mass, age, and even pregnancy. 

Height and Mass

In the simplest terms, the more that you weigh or, the taller you are, the more likely it is that you will need a higher dose. Because CBD is metabolized in the body after intake, and so the more area it has to go around to metabolize means that you will need more, and it will take longer. In essence, the higher your Body Mass Index or BMI is then, the more CBD you will need to feel any effect.


As we age, our bodies change; from the slow-down of our metabolism to reducing our body’s ability to heal, we are different from what we used to be. Not only is age a factor in the severity of symptoms people experience, but it’s also a factor in the dosage of cannabidiol (CBD) needed to treat people with a condition. For example, a study published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology found that CBD has a bell-shaped response curve. This means that CBD is most effective when its levels are in the middle range of a spectrum and less effective at either end. As older people tend to have slower metabolisms, they will need more to achieve the required effects.

How Much You Have Used CBD Before

If you have dabbled in the past, your body may react normally to a standard dose. Nevertheless, it is still worth going slowly if you haven’t taken any in a while. On the other hand, it is highly recommended that you go slow and build up your dose over time if you are brand new.

CBD is an excellent drug that has numerous and well-documented health benefits. The only challenge is knowing how much to take. However, hopefully, with these nine options listed, you will have a better understanding of how to balance your intake.