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7 Staple Items That Are a Must-Have For Your Closet

The fashion world can be a whirlwind, but putting together a closet shouldn’t be a headache. Although style changes every day, there are some staples that you can count on to carry you through any season. These pieces will make it easier for you to assemble an outfit on the go.

Tee shirts

No item of clothing is as versatile as a solid-colored tee shirt. Both long and short-sleeved tee shirts can be dressed up or down and look fantastic no matter which fit you prefer.

Solid tee shirts are easy to pair with almost anything. Black, white, and neutral shades won’t clash or contrast with other hues. 

Once you find a shirt that suits your preferences, consider buying wholesale tee shirts in the colors, sizes, and styles you prefer to save money and ensure you have plenty on hand.


Next to the tee shirt, a high-quality pair of jeans is one of the most popular clothing items in any person’s wardrobe. In fact, a tee shirt and a pair of jeans have become iconic outfits. 

One of the great things about jeans is that they come in a wide range of fits, styles, and colors. Jeans are also incredibly durable, making them perfect for everyday wear.

A dark wash pair of jeans and a blouse is a great way to dress up an outfit using a simple pair of jeans. Or, stick with something more casual without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

A blazer

Every person should have a piece that shows off their professional side, and a blazer is a perfect selection. 

Although many people associate a blazer with a matching pair of trousers and a boardroom, there are many ways to style this semi-formal jacket. If pleated pants aren’t your thing, try a pencil skirt instead. Or, stick with those casual-Friday vibes and throw it on with a pair of jeans and a simple tee. 

If your wardrobe is especially bold, look for a blazer in a funky color or exciting pattern. These jackets make great statement pieces.

Button up shirt

Every person should have a button-up in their closet for formal, semi-formal, and business events. It can be a lifesaver when nothing else in your closet seems appropriate.

If you want to get the most mileage out of this piece of clothing, stick with white since it can go with nearly any other color or print. A white button-up can go everywhere, from the office to holiday dinners, and is easy to layer with cardigans, sweaters, and jackets.

Although a white button-up is one of the most functional items you can own, it’s also worth investing in other colors. That way, you can make several different outfits with just a few items.

Semi-formal shoes

Some people can rock a stiletto or pair of loafers daily and feel great, but that’s not feasible for most people. Instead, finding a decent pair of semi-formal shoes will be a critical part of their wardrobe.

Choosing shoes in a neutral shade will help ensure that you can pair them with nearly any outfit.

Switching to a flat is an excellent option if heels aren’t your thing. Plus, you can enjoy nearly any activity in a pair of flats.

Long coat

No matter where you live, it’s crucial to have a coat on hand for those nights when the temperature drops.

A long coat such as a trenchcoat is not only reliably warm, but it’s also highly fashionable. Picking out an elegant double-breasted trench coat is the perfect way to bundle up without losing any of your style.

Of course, you may live somewhere where you need a little extra padding. You could always check out a cozy parka instead.

Basic black dress

There’s a good reason that the little black dress is recommended again and again by fashionistas worldwide. A basic black dress is the perfect go-to for any semi-formal or formal occasion.

A functional black dress should be versatile. Whether you’re looking forward to a first date or a night out with friends, a basic black dress is a perfect selection. It is the perfect canvas for accessories, like statement jewelry or flashy shoes.

The great news is that there is absolutely no shortage of fits and styles for the basic black dress. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the ideal one for you.

Creating a functional wardrobe means finding versatile pieces you will enjoy regularly wearing. Finding some basic and essential items you can rely on to help you feel your best is the foundation for building the closet of your dreams.