From Cruising To Car Seats: What Dads Really Want From Their Wheels

A lot changes when you become a dad. Suddenly, you face the responsibility of caring for tiny people. You’re no longer a young, free, and single lad. Your bedtime shoots from the early hours of the morning to ten in the evening. You spend Saturday mornings watching Peppa Pig rather than catching up on the footie. And, to top it all, your vehicle goes from a top sporting bad boy to a car with plenty of back seat space.

Joking aside, these are changes we make without thought. While we have to kiss goodbye to many of the things we loved, becoming a parent is the best thing which can happen. You can bet, though, that you’ll soon fall out of love with your high-end sports car when you try to fit a car seat in there. The plain fact of it is, these cars were not made with a family in mind.


To make your life easier, than, you’ll want a change of wheels as soon as possible in your fathering journey. There’s just one issue; you know nothing about which vehicles would best fit your car seats. Fear not, though, because we’ve done the research so that you don’t have to. Now, buckle up, and strap your kiddies in for the ride!

Volvo XC90

When it comes to car seats, Volvo is at the top of many a list. This is a company who introduced the concept of an inbuilt rear-facing car seat with their XC90. Which, as it happens, is the car we’ll be focusing on. In place of a front passenger seat, you can alter this SUV to have a rear-facing baby seat. This vehicle also comes complete with added storage for baby bits, and heated drink holders for milk. When it comes to cars which think of ease for parents, you will struggle to find better than this. As if that weren’t enough, the fact this is a fairly old model now means that you can pick up a pre-owned Volvo XC90 for a reasonable price. It’s car-seat friendly and cheap. Can we give it up for the big V, please?

Honda Civic

Honda is also on this rear-facing car seat trend with their Honda Civic. This model boasts a LATCH system take on the trend Volvo started. As if that weren’t enough, Civics also possess surprising rear seat space for squeezing in as many car seats as you can shake your keys at. To top it all, these babies offer more than 15 cubic feet of trunk space for your diaper bag needs. You certainly won’t feel snug in one of these.

Ford Explorer

Last on the list is the Ford Explorer. While there are no car-seat specific features, the sheer space in the rear here ensures you can clip baby in with ease. The sliding second-row captain chairs also ensure you can adjust this for your lifestyle and storage needs. We would say that alone means it’s earned its place on this list.