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5 Things Every Road-Tripping Friends Should Do

Everyone has a bucket list and while each one tends to do a little jig with your usual suspects, places 2 through to 10 are pretty much subjective and thus totally up for grabs. But that all-important number one spot, that piece of prime real estate belongs to a road trip with your best mate because there is no trip more epic than leaping into a car, nodding at your pal and tearing up the terrafirma with very little in the way of plans in place.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going across your state or around a few of them, hitting up a different country or going on the continental adventure of your dreams, everyone needs to go on a four-wheeled epiphany trip. And to make it that bit more epic, here are a few things you and your best pal need to do in order for it to become etched into folklore. So, without further ado, pound it and hit the road:

  1. Have Road Trip Outfit

Nothing screams “once in a lifetime road trip with my best bud” more than matching outfits, so grab yourself some out there Reyn Spooner shirts, matching sunglasses, a couple of colourful wigs, shorts, socks and shoes and make Instagram go wild for your antics. Be a brand of awesomeness.

  1. Get Your Debate On

This is your chance to a) right the world of all its wrongs and b) have all those madcap chitchats that are too weird to be had in normal life. Argue over which president you would most like to row across Lake Michigan with, have a battle to see who’s shower thought is the oddest, and discuss which nut trees are your favourite (a conversation that will get intense and force you to make hilarious emergency exits before inspecting the fruit on certain trees).

  1. Make A Badass Playlist

One of the things that makes people best mates is their love of the same songs; songs that other people might not have even heard of. That’s why you need to create a road trip playlist of such songs and play them as loud as you can. This is your car and you will sing at full volume if you want to.

  1. Soak Up That Sunset (And Sunrise)

Yes, you are more likely to see a sunset than a sunrise on a road trip, but you should do all you can to catch both and soak them in – totally undistracted. You’re on a road trip, one where the deadline is as blurry as the photos taken by a Nokia 3310, meaning nothing should stop you pulling over and enjoying the last specks of light before dusk and the first moments of dawn’s crack.

  1. Stop For Anything Cool

This one is essential: if there is something in remotely cool on the side of the road, you need to stop that car and take a better look at it. If you don’t, you will have to live with the regret forever; the regret of passing up a mini-adventure, whether it’s buying fruit from a middle-of-nowhere fruit stand or not checking out the world’s biggest bovine. Don’t pass up this chance because you won’t get it again.