FITS Socks

FITS – Socks For Absolute Performance

The FITS Light Performance Trail quarters might be the best athletic sock I’ve ever worn – and get this: they’re not even designed with sports as the focus. The sock is supposed to be for mountaineering, labeled as a “hiking” sock, but being me, I decided to use them outside of their comfort zone, to see if the tall claims of performance and durability are really worth $18.99 a pair.

Initially, I was quite skeptical, and typically quite happy with my Adidas mid-calfs, which at that price, I could get a pack of three for. Once I slid these FITS on, I began to understand the difference, and why they’re currently sold out (sorry!): the engineered quadruple blend of Polyester, Lycra, Merino Wool, and Nylon truly does offer unprecedented comfort… but you’re not going to sit in these all day, although I can’t think of a better sock for that either, so let’s get to how they actually perform.


I wore them for an exceptionally grueling leg-day workout that encompassed lifts into the 400+ lbs range with flat-footed beater converse, and a solid 6 mile run in the New Balance 1080 V5’s. In both activities, and both shoes, you don’t want your feet hurting because your socks are rubbing you the wrong way – blisters 40 minutes into your run (or activity of choice) are sure to put a damper on your day, and likely the next few too. Although the Merino Wool offers many benefits on its own (anti-microbial, moisture wicking, fire-resistant, etc.), the real highlight of this sock design is the FITS heel lock technology, paired with their dynamic toe cup to make the foot planted within the shoe. It seems so simple, but again and again across sock brands I end up with friction on my big toe or little toe because of the toe seam. FITS offers the best solution I’ve come across yet with these two unique design elements on toe and heel. By creating the toe stitching out of Lycra, surrounded by the Merino Wool blend, the seam not only becomes elastic, but feels like it doesn’t even exist; like it disappears into the cushioned Merino. The intentional extra cushioning in the toe, arch, and heel make the ride even smoother, particularly important for someone like me who has experienced knee injuries that can flare up with insufficient support.

In summary, almost regardless of application or shoe (maybe not for your flip flops), this engineered sock will perform exceptionally, forcing you to redefine for yourself what a proper performance sock is – because even the most expensive and comfortable of shoes won’t cut it if the sock doesn’t.