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7 Things You Should Know Before Renting A Car In The UAE

The car rental industry, especially in gulf areas and the UAE, is in very high demand. In turn, car rental services in these areas have been investing in the improvement of their rental vehicle fleets and their variety. The reason why these services may be very popular is that locals tend to prefer to test drive high-end car models before purchasing them. It also makes sense that luxury car rental businesses would be booming in the UAE, considering that the country is a luxury tourism attraction. Anyone who is a non-local may find it hard to get a handle on the rental business. This is why we are here to tell you 7 things that you should know before renting a car in the UAE. 

Stay in the UAE

One thing that you should always keep in mind when renting a car in the UAE is that you are not allowed to take it out of the country. Various laws and regulations that forbid people from crossing the boundaries with the rentals are enforced. Breaking these laws is a serious offense that may result in jail time. However, if you really want to venture outside of the UAE for some reason, you can follow a legal procedure that may get you a permit from the authorities, allowing you to do so. Otherwise, make sure to keep your rented vehicle in the country at all times. 

Check the Insurance Policy

You must also be aware of the insurance policy; the insurance policy doesn’t cover lost or damaged rentals unless the policy clearly states that it does. To avoid any unfavorable surprises, your best bet would be going over the terms of the policy with your rental service. Unless you purchase the car, losses and damages are most likely never covered by insurance. Always check the car’s exterior before renting it to ensure that it wasn’t damaged by someone else. Make sure that all the interior equipment of the car, such as the wipers, lights, air conditioning, and handbrakes, are working properly. If you are renting a high-end car, it’s recommended that you search for policies that at least account for accidents or damages. 

Valid Driving License

You should know that before renting a car in the UAE, you must have a valid driving license. While an international driving license or international driving permit is valid, you must also make sure that you have your original home country’s driving permit if you’re a visitor. If you have a work permit or residence visa in the UAE, you will have to take driving lessons at an RTA-approved driving institute, such as Belhasa, Galadari, or Emirates driving institute, and pass the driving test. 

Minimum Age

Generally, the minimum acceptable age for renting a car is 25 years in the UAE. However, the minimum UAE driving age is 21, and some car rental services may allow you to rent a car if you’re over 18. If you are younger than 21, you should check and explore your available options earlier during the booking process. While you will probably find a compromise, you should be aware that if you are under 25, car rental prices will be higher. 

Traffic Fines

Keep in mind that any traffic fines that you obtain on the rented vehicle are going to be deducted from the deposit that you leave at the rental company. Car rental companies usually leave the deposit paid as a security amount since traffic fines are usually generated a few days after the incident has been recorded and reported by the RTA. Common traffic fines and charges are handled by the UAE’s toll system, which means that you won’t be stopped every time you get in trouble. 

Security Deposits

Before handing you the car, most of the car rental companies in the UAE will require a deposit. As mentioned above, this deposit is usually used as a security fee in case of any fines. It can either be paid in cash or credit card. Keep in mind that this is not to be negotiated; they will strictly insist that you pay it before signing the contract.


Normally, the range of your chosen car rental affects the price of the service. Some car rental services may offer extras, including a personal driver, a navigational device- although most cars already have GPS- or a car seat. The extra fees depend on your selected additional features. 

Car rental companies are very popular throughout the UAE. These services are usually very reputable and are known for their luxurious car options. If you are not an Emirates local, there are many things that you should keep in mind before renting a car in the UAE. This is why we put together this guide to help you out.