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Running In Rainy Weather? Follow These Tips

Running is a form of exercise that is great for our heart, and although not everyone enjoys running as a pastime it is a great thing to get into this year. 

If you are starting your running journey while in lockdown this autumn, allow us to share some helpful tips to make your experience more enjoyable. 

Running in the rain can actually be the best time to run as it is refreshing and cools the body, but it can also be cold and miserable. If you want to start running even in rainy weather, here are some simple tips to help you get on your feet this winter. 

Take your vitamins 

In the cold and wet weather, we are all more susceptible to illness and this is why taking vitamins is so important. Be sure that you take your vitamins from ehp labs as well as supplements to keep you healthy and fit throughout your runs. Things such as vitamin C and D will strengthen your bones and boost the immune system to keep you fighting fit all season. 

Wear a hat with a rim 

When running in colder and rainy weather, one thing to be aware of is visibility. It is incredibly important to be able to see while out in stormy weather, so a hat with a rim is essential. The rim of your hat will divert water away from your face and this in turn will make all the difference to your run! 

Wear old trainers 

Everyone should have a battered, worn, old pair of trainers in their closet. If you want to go out running in weather that is rainy or wet, don’t wear your brand new running shoes because you will ruin them very quickly. Having an old pair of shoes on hand is the ideal thing to do in this situation and will ensure you aren’t caught out. 

Wear waterproofs 

The last thing you want to do when you go running in the rain is come back home soaking wet through. Not only is it not good for your skin and your body, but it will also mean spending money putting your radiators on! There are many fashionable waterproofs you can wear out of the house that aren’t too chunky and won’t cause you to overheat during your run. Take a look online and invest in some today. 

Use layers 

Layering up during the autumn and winter is crucial for a good run. If you want to stay warm and protected from the elements, a few well placed layers are essential. Also, it means that if you start to get hot on your run you’ll be able to easily take off a few layers and keep yourself comfortable. 

Protect your phone 

Your phone is not only a great gadget to keep on you at all times; but it is also an essential lifeline when out and about. When the weather is rainy it can be more dangerous, and if you injure yourself or become lost you’ll need your phone to call for help. Be sure to invest in a waterproof pouch for your phone, keys, and money to keep them safe.