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Why E-cigarettes Are Becoming Fashionable

The world of e-cigarettes is a little more than a decade old, but its popularity has skyrocketed beyond imagination. People across ages take to it for varied reasons to make it the ultimate hobby and fashion symbol. Here, we explore the factors that are making e-cigarettes and vapes fashionable. 

Perception of style  


Since times immemorial, a person holding the traditional nicotine delivery system has been perceived as cool and a symbol of edginess, desirability, and style statement. Since fashion is fluid and changes over time, the perception of a cool persona transformed as e-cigarettes came into vogue. Giving the same and perhaps a better cloud experience, e-cigs seamlessly replaced the traditional nicotine delivery system. Its infinite flavors, cloud-feel, and flexibility of nicotine strength from zero to concentration helped the trend. Presently, they are trendy amongst youth for their quintessential ‘style statement’ tag.  

Hi-tech is fashionable 

None can deny that modern gadgets and devices have become an integral part of our lives, especially millennials. Being hi-tech is perceived as fashionable. The vaping device fits the bill to the tee. Puffing the mysterious vapor and making big clouds of the e-juice come across as stylish and edgy. Hence, everybody takes to it effortlessly to enhance their fashionable persona.  

Easy access and Affordable  

There was a time when vaping products were not easily accessible and were expensive, while the traditional nicotine and tobacco delivery systems were available at every nook and corner. But the tables have turned today. Conventional nicotine delivery systems are banned in many places. Simultaneously, vaping stores have mushroomed exponentially. You are spoilt for choice in both physical and virtual stores.  

Vaping devices also prove cheaper than traditional ones in the long run because of their reusability and durability. Furthermore, there is a vape device available for every budget. You have infinite choices in both the best cheap vape mods and hi-tech sophisticated and expensive varieties. Vape devices have become both affordable and accessible to almost everybody. 

Cool and trendy designs of devices  

Today, manufacturers build vape devices keeping fashion and style quotient in mind. The gadgets are small, sleek, slim, and adorn all kinds of attractive vibes and colors. The machines are crafted of varied materials like resin, wood, marble, stabilized wood, brass, carbon fiber, etc. They also have paintings and encrustations on them that make them look outstanding. It became the perfect accessory to enhance any person’s style quotient and personality without compromising the product’s quality and performance.  

Furthermore, the trend of vape wraps and faceplates gained momentum, giving you the liberty to change the appearance and aesthetics of your vape device to match your mood, costume, etc.  

Smaller devices  


Earlier, a dedicated vaper would not carry anything less than a dual-battery box mod, which could not be tucked in any pocket. But today, it is highly portable and pocket-size with some jaw-dropping aesthetics. It became an easy style accessory to carry around.  

Wearable accessories  


Even though vapes are no longer large devices and can be held in hand, it can be annoying to carry them around. However, the manufacturers transformed it into a fashionable accessory adorned as a locket in the chain, bracelets, etc.    

Vape holders and pockets  

The fashion industry is today designing outfits with vape holders and pockets. You can easily carry your device there. Even nondescript vapers find outfits with concealed pockets to hold these devices such that it is not easily noticeable to others. The convenience adds to the prevalent usage of the device to flaunt it appropriately as a fashionable device.  

Celebrity Influence  

Celebrity influence has a significant role in branding any accessory, clothes, or habit as fashionable. Celebrities from the music and movies world like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog, Johnny Depp, Willie Nelson, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc., have all taken to E-cigarettes and made them an integral part of their personality. It effortlessly replaced the traditional nicotine sticks in movies and the entertainment industry. 

Fans, especially teenagers, tend to idolize and imitate them blindly. Their endorsement made vaping a fashionable device amongst all age generations. It became a trustworthy and legitimate choice for all fan crowds.  

Runway shows with vape-inspired models 

Fashion runways are hub spots of any fashion trend taking off. The New York Fashion shows first introduced vape devices in high-street fashion and clothing. Since then, a milestone has been set. Today, there is a separate section of vape models wearing vape-inspired outfits and flaunting the latest fashionable vapes in innovative and stylish ways. 

Moreover, anybody can hire these models to showcase their vape-related products. It showcased varieties and styles designed for specific age groups, professionals like lawyers, doctors, teenagers, etc., for effortless adoption.  

Boost offered by the social media 


The entertainment industry fueled mass acceptance of vaping amongst the public. Social media, too, did not lag in the promotion of vaping. Platforms like YouTube streamed videos of people flaunting their skills with vape tricks. Many tutorials became available for people to hone their skills. It naturally attracted youth and people eager to impress others. Nearly everybody wanted to perfect the skills, and it started getting promoted as an artistic talent.  

Rise of the vaping culture  


Aggressive promotion by the manufacturers, entertainment and fashion industry, and social media gave rise to a ‘vaping culture.’ Vapers from different backgrounds started coming together. Vaping became the conversation starter and the bond binding people in different professions.  

Several vaping competitions were held for vapers to show off their skills in style. Vaping fanatics took these competitions seriously and flaunted artistic skills such as blowing clouds, cloud chasing, etc.  

Overall, the attitude, outfits, skills, innovations, etc., fuse to propagate the vape culture. Exclusive pubs, cafes, community meetings, competitions, etc., became a common platform for all vaping buffs to come together and strengthen the vaping culture.  

Wrapping up  

The E-cigarettes and vaping industry continues to influence the fashion industry with innovative styles and creativity. Studies suggest that the popularity of e-cigs and vapes has spurred the mushrooming of vape shops and parlors. The fashionable vaping culture is poised to scale unimaginable heights. Join the bandwagon to experience and understand its magic if you haven’t yet.