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Do Whiskey Glasses Make a Difference?

Do you ever think about what a perfect night looks like? For us, it’s relaxing on a comfy chair surrounded by friends and family, with a glass of whiskey in hand. Unlike other drinks, we see whiskey as something more. As such, we make sure to enjoy the experience to the fullest by using the best whiskey glass.

When looking for great whiskey glasses, we can’t help but wonder: do they even make a difference? If, like us, drinking whiskey appeals to all your senses, then, yes, it definitely does.

The Magic of Glassware

To end a hectic workday or make special moments more memorable, we always raise a glass of our favorite whiskey. Drinking whiskey is more of a complete experience to us instead of merely just a drink. In that case, does the glass really make a difference?

Whiskey takes us on a sensory journey. The soft hues of the liquid appeal to the eyes, its rich notes are convincing to the nose, and our taste buds appreciate the flavors. In case you don’t know, your choice of glass enhances the aroma and flavor of your whiskey. As such, you’d be able to enjoy its full potential.

Nosing a whiskey opens the door to understanding its distillation. It also helps capture the taste of classic whiskey. Like you can’t enjoy red wine in a wine glass, only whiskey glassware can concentrate the notes of spirits from whiskey.

Characteristics of Good Whiskey Glasses

If you are looking for great whiskey glasses but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Below are what you should watch out for when shopping for glasses:

Glass Characteristics

How solid it feels, how much convenience the grip holds, and how elegantly cut the design speaks so much about the quality of the glass. In other words, the weight, size, and design of the glass all work together to enhance your experience.


A strong hit of aroma is an exceptional characteristic of whiskey indulgence. A bowl-shaped glass is always the best choice to deliver this experience. What happens is that as the strong fumes of ethanol escape the glass, the classic notes remain concentrated in the brim.

Overall Shape

This indicates the ease of consuming the drink from the glass. It takes into account the weight, wall slope angle, and surface area of the brim. The more tilt it needs, the less drinkable it is.

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Types of Whiskey Glasses

From traditional to modern engagements, there is a wide variety of glassware to match the type of beverage. Then again, as with many things, no one size fits all needs. Here is a list of common glassware from around the world designed to maximize the tasting experience:

The Old-Fashioned Glass

The traditional whiskey glass is a short, heightened crystal tumbler with a wide brim and thick bottom. It allows you to enjoy the aromas from a straight pour, making it perfect for drinking whiskey neat.

The thick bottom enables the drink’s temperature to change as you hold the glass in your hand. In turn, this process enhances the flavor and taste, which otherwise won’t remain the same. Enjoy this glassware with chilled whiskey with smokey notes. It is also suited to enjoy whiskey-based cocktails.

The Glencairn Glass

This type of glass is a robust vessel popular among those who don’t favor stems. Designed in a tulip shape with a thick bottom, it keeps the aroma concentrated in the rim, contributing to your experience of every sip.

The glass is also long enough to allow swirling. In case you’re unaware, this is a technique known to enhance the aroma and flavor of aged spirits. You may find this glass at whiskey tastings, as they are the best ones to keep you engaged in a sensory experience. These are also perfect for single malt beverages.

The Neat Glass

This small, bulbous glass resembles a fishbowl and is best to go with nosing. Without amplifying the harsh notes of ethanol, this glass lets the drinker smell only the pleasant notes of whiskey.

The Highball

This glass is the tallest of all the glasses so that you can consume the simplest from the whiskey family: the whiskey and soda. This type allows a greater quantity of ice, spirit, and mixer, allowing you to enjoy a long, fulfilling drink. Today, it is famous among drinkers to enjoy ginger ale and whiskey lemonade.

The Snifter

Traditionally used for cognac, this balloon-shaped glass provides an exceptional nosing experience. Currently, you will often see it used for brandy. Its design enables the content not to spill when tilted horizontally. The design gives drinkers an enhanced nose and delicate sip while containing harsh ethanol vapors in the wide brim.  

Your Choice of Whiskey Glass Matters!

The best way to appreciate an expensive spirits is to keep it at the right temperature, but does the glass affect this experience? Yes, glasses do make a difference. So, if you want to bring out the full potential of your drink, it’s important that you invest in a suitable whiskey glass.