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How Do You Dress Like A Gentleman?

Dressing like a proper gentleman can be tricky. There are certain clothing items to wear and specific ways to wear them. If you’re still in the process of figuring things out, there could be moments when you have your tie on wrong or aren’t wearing your shirt and trousers correctly.

Visiting should remedy that, but you should also consider reading about our helpful tips on styling like a gentleman. That way, you’ll look like the dashing sir that you are and not a walking fashion faux pas.


Easy Tips for Dressing Like a Gentleman

Dress to impress by following these tips on how to put together a gentlemanly outfit.

1. Pick the Right Suit Size

A gentleman’s suit needs to fit him perfectly. That’s why before you make a purchase, take your measurements to ensure the suit fits you to a T.

Having the right-size suit already scores you a handful of style points. All that’s left to do is build on that. Get an ill-fitting piece, and not only would there be nothing to build on, but even the most stylish accessories would have trouble salvaging the look.

In particular, the suit’s shoulders should neither be too tight nor too fitting. The sleeves should allow you to raise your arms comfortably. If a jacket doesn’t let you do this, it’s not the right size.

To find out if you have the correct jacket size when trying one on, relax your arms to the sides, then curl your fingers around the suit’s hem.

If the hem rests right where your fingers fold, the jacket is the correct length for you. If it’s too long, it should bunch up; too short, and it won’t reach the crevice. 

2. It’s About You Wearing the Suit and Not the Other Way Around

What can make designer suits intimidating is not just anyone can wear them. Jackets of this caliber require a specific way of carrying that only true gentleman should be able to pull off.

Though, it basically comes down to one thing: confidence. Some high-end suits can wrestle you for dominance, but your aura has to win out, so it looks like you’re wearing the suit and not the reverse.

Another instance when a suit overshadows the wearer is when the suit’s pockets are stuffed with too many items. This creates a bulk that distorts the fabric and makes the suit like it has taken a beating.

We know you’re carrying valuables and are not saying to leave them. We’re suggesting you be more strategic with where you place things. Wallets can be slimmed down by removing unnecessary items. Other items you don’t need immediate access to should be safe to leave in the vehicle.

Only carry your house and car keys with you, specifically on your inside pockets. Remember, it should always be you wearing the suit and not it wearing you!

3. Trouser Length Should Be Perfect

Let’s put it this way: anything part of your ensemble should be the right size for you. It goes without saying that trousers are high up on that list. However, to ensure they’ve the perfect length, check if they go down to half of the shoe at the rear.

No gentleman wants to end up with ankle swingers or too-long pants that drag. When trying on trousers, see if they come down to the right area on your shoe, so you don’t purchase an ill-fitting pair.

4. Jacket Buttons Matter

“They’re just buttons; they won’t make a difference.”, said no gentleman ever.

Jacket buttons make a lot of difference, so much that you should know which ones to do up and which to leave undone. You can easily prevent button-related mishaps, and we’ll show you how right now.

The rules are: if you’re wearing a three-button jacket, always button up the middle and keep the bottom undone. You don’t necessarily have to do the top button, but it would be more proper if you do. In a two-button jacket, you should only button up the top. Still, you can unbutton it when sitting down.

5. Wear Your Shirt Correctly

The jacket and trousers are, what we would say, the more straightforward pieces in your ensemble. You can get them wrong, but they’re also easy to get right. The shirt, on the other hand, is a trickier story.

For a shirt to be worn correctly, the user has to make sure its sleeve cuffs go down to the bottom part of the thumb when worn with the suit. There should be half an inch of cuff visible below the suit wrist.

On top of that, the collar tips should rest flat against the shirt’s body. Last but not least, always go for a quality shirt. A cheap one won’t do much to level up your look.


Tie Selection Is Crucial!

A tie gives that little extra oomph to your outfit. You can go as colorful, bold, or as crazy with this accessory as you like. Though, whatever your goal, always choose a quality tie. The lining should be telling since it shows how smoothly a tie can be knotted.Apply these tips, topping it off with a wise tie selection, and you could be among the best dressed at the party just yet!