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Upgrade Your Old Car With Some Beneficial Add Ons

A car marks a substantial investment and so there is a lot of thought and consideration which needs to go into the purchasing process. It is imperative that you do not rush into a decision regarding which car to buy because you can easily end up lumbered with a car which you find difficult to drive or which does not match your requirements. You may have already indulged in purchasing the Infinity QX 70; if you’re lucky. However if your goal is to add those precious upgrades then there are some apps and solutions that could be of huge potential.  

Cars of today often come with all the equipment that you need, but for those who enjoy tackling a challenge, you may opt to buy an older model and add some added extras to make it an even more profitable investment.  There is such a variation of cars on the road now, from compact cars as well as bigger family based cars and sports cars but some of the added features can add a little extra. 

Add performance with Splitters and Air Dam

If you have bought an older sports car and want to look at its advantages and give it some serious added performance then you can look at adding splitters. A splitter is often found on the front-end of a race car, appearing as a flat extension to the very bottom of the front bumper. Front splitters are aerodynamic components that serve to balance the front vs. rear distribution of downforce which essentially means it can improve speed and performance. Front splitters are also a popular choice for those wanting to up MPG. You may have also heard of the term Air Dam, which often come within the same paragraph as a splitter. The two however should not be confused for one another. A well-designed front air dam will keep the nose steady which gives the car a steady and strong drive, as well as instilling more confidence into the driver.  

Tech upgrades – welcome to the future! 

Your car’s tech systems are going to make it a really good car if it ticks all the boxes of new and advanced tech. Amp things up and get some excellent built in speakers that make the music sound fantastic. This may include getting a video set up so that you can play things on an interactive screen but this will have to be compatible with the model of car. Play it safe, with a dash cam. These are still fairly niche but they began in the USA a few years ago as well as in Russia, due to the poor driving habits and accidents, but a dash cam comes in different versions. Some record out the windshield all the time and some offer remote access to the camera from anywhere. This also helps with any type of accident or situation you may find yourself in.  A dash cam is a great investment and could be of huge benefit to you in the long run.