coffee iMind macbook pro displaying group of people is the Best Video Conferencing and Collaboration Platform in Germany According to User Reviews

iMind is a secure video conferencing platform that has been spreading its user base around the world. Also available to German users, the tool has in quick time garnered positive user reviews that have drawn out attention. And here’s what we’ve found about iMind.

What is

Designed for remote communications among professionals and even between families and friends, iMind is one of the most advanced and functional video conferencing platforms, and one of the most popular with corporate clients worldwide. 

The service takes out such loads even at an average speed of the Internet stream and without additional equipment – only a computer, camera, and microphone. You can simply use a smartphone – and nothing more.

Key Features

Here are the key features of iMind platform:

  • screen sharing in HD
  • chat with pre-moderation
  • collaboration board
  • quick invitation to online conference
  • the number of licenses up to 1000, depending on the chosen plan

There is something for every category of users and subscribers. 

Other User Advantages 

Other user advantages of the platform include:

  • excellent quality of communication and service
  • free version
  • business plans available for just $9.99 for small, medium, and large companies
  • create and set up a webinar in two clicks
  • it has HD image quality
  • does not require registration of invited participants, it helps to increase the reach
  • webinars can be recorded
  • possibility of branding this service under your corporate style
  • 24/7 technical support by email or phone
  • by getting the Business plan, you will have a personal technical account manager.

iMind is a full kit video conferencing tool that is designed to meet your specific needs. You may read about iMind reviews on different platforms in Germany. 

Requirements and What to Consider of the Service 

Note that these downsides are not iMind relative. They’re just a few things to know about videoconferencing in general and not necessarily a deal breaker for using iMind. 

Since many business relationships often develop through close personal contacts, video conferencing could be a thorn on their side. Through personal meetings in one place, the body language, facial expressions and gestures can give a completely different impression and possibly lead to different results.

Although we have introduced you to location independence as one of the advantages, greater distances in time could bring disadvantages. If you have partners in the US or, for example, in Australia, one of them would always have to attend the meetings outside of working hours. 

Technology could be disadvantageous in one of two ways. Firstly, technical problems could arise. If you don’t have the right equipment or the right software, it can lead to disconnections or loss of sound or picture. To prevent this, the second disadvantage comes into play. Setting up can, but does not necessarily have to be associated with high costs. But keep in mind that cheaper equipment may not provide the optimal result.

You can only get good results with the right technical equipment. Note that for quality communication, you also need to provide the Internet with enough bandwidth. The equipment also plays a huge role in quality. A good headset and camera are the be-all and end-all of a successful video conference. 

Technology has a lot of advantages but with a few downsides that can be worked around. iMind videoconferencing tool turns out to be practical for everyone and it has a lot of positive reviews online. But you and your company should be aware of the pros and requirements of the technology behind it to enjoy a smooth virtual conferencing.