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For Father’s Day this year I decided to share a bottle of Wine Barrel Finished Crown Royal that I was reviewing with my stepdad. This Crown Royal is part of the Noble collection and was aged and finished in Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels. This is Canadian Whiskey at its finest and I recommend it as the perfect way to experience everything this style has to offer.

The bottle comes inside a beautiful and classic Crown Royal deep purple bag with gold laces and presents the whiskey’s deep oak color perfectly. The nose has a heavy earth tinge with fruit notes from the Cabernet Sauvignon barrel and a slight sweetness that lingers on the palate. The palate is classic Crown Royal with oaky undertones and a crisp sweetness on the edge while the wine barrel aging lends distinct and tasty grape overtones. The whiskey finishes extremely smooth with tannis notes and a bit of clove spiciness.

To finish the experience off Crown Royal offers a mobile experience where you can quickly create a regal photo of your dad or dad-like figure from a simple picture, and be sure to tag it with#CrownYourFather on social media. Spend this Father’s Day in style with the man that deserves it the most around a beautiful bottle of Crown Royal Wine Barrel Aged.

Nick True
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A science teacher with a love of pop-culture and fine alcohol.

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