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Cutting Calories Will Help You Lose Weight – Here’s How

Losing weight is a tricky business because it entails losing the extra fat without regaining it the minute you stop dieting. That’s why the diet plans that make you slim down in a very short amount of time are mostly not healthy, and their effects usually don’t last long. Consuming fewer calories per day is an easier and healthier way to reach your weight goal, but it needs commitment and a strong will. 

You need to balance between your calorie intake and your metabolic rate to effectively lose weight, and keep those extra pounds off. But first, you need to measure your body mass index and count your daily calories. It may have been harder in the past, but nowadays a lot of applications can help you keep track of your daily calorie intake and warn you when you are reaching your limit. To cut calories, you need to know what foods to stay away from and this guide will walk you through the necessary steps.

Cut Down on Sauces

Sauces add a nice taste to food and you can alternate between different ones in the same meal, but every added spoon contains about 50 calories that you are better off without. They also make you want to eat more because plain food is dull for most people so they stop eating sooner when there are no sauces. You can still enjoy your food by adding low-calorie spices such as pepper.  

Keep the Sugar Away

This is the white powder from hell that creeps into your drinks in large quantities. Sweetened tea or coffee is preferable to the bitter ones. However, taste buds are adjustable, and if you make them get used to the bitter taste, they may even like it and detest sugar

Suppress Your Appetite

The most common way to suppress your appetite is by taking appetite suppressants to make it easier to stay away from food. When you are used to eating large quantities, it is hard to make your stomach adapt to new eating habits. That’s why taking supplements to reduce your cravings may be helpful. However, finding the best suppressant that fits your body’s metabolism rate should be a top priority, so be sure to do a little research and seek expert advice before you make a purchase. Also, you should check for FDA approval because your health should always come first. 

Another weird method that has no scientific proof yet but is rather based on surveys is to smell certain food. Some scents make you feel full. For instance, strawberries decrease your craving for sweets. Some strong aromas like those of peppermint and citrus are also capable of making you feel full. 

Prepare your Meals

Cooking is one of life’s basic life skills that you need to learn at an appropriate age. You cannot wait around for people to make your meals. Moreover, you need to know what is in your food to be able to calculate the calories. When other people cook, you won’t know whether they added oil, butter, or sauces that add unnecessary calories. Make a list of the ingredients and figure out whether you should add or cut off some of them before cooking. 

Choose the Macronutrients

It is preferable to increase the intake of fiber because they make you feel full quickly and are healthy for you. At lunch, protein portions should be the biggest as they help in building muscles and take time to be digested and are not stored as fat. You should decrease carbohydrates’ ingestion as they make you gain weight, especially in the belly area. However, don’t cut them off because your body may stop releasing insulin, so when you go back to eating sugar or starch, you may become a diabetic.

Change the Way you Eat

Some small changes in your food may cut down up to 500 calories per day. For instance, eat skinless chicken because the skin contains fat that can cause you to gain weight. If you are going to order soup, skip the creamy ones and take the vegetable-based stews. Furthermore, don’t touch the bread basket starter because it is the root of all evil. 

Swap Hands 

You may laugh while reading this but the faster you eat the more food you will get in your stomach. If you have tried various ways to slow down but failed, there is one last resort which is eating with your non-dominant hand. You will notice that you are slower and that you get bored and stop eating. 

It is not easy to keep track of the ingredients in your food or your calorie intake, but if you are determined to lose the extra pounds, you will be able to do it. Gradually incorporate these simple tips and tricks in your daily life to avoid overwhelming yourself, and keep reminding yourself of your long-term goal. Don’t expect results after a couple of days to avoid feeling discouraged, and don’t give up too soon!