Best Cheap Bar(s) In New York

New York is expensive, particularly when it comes to a night out. I’m talking selling plasma expensive (by the way: if you’re buying, I’m holding), but it doesn’t have to be. Allow me to introduce you to NYC Best Bars and while it sounds like a resource to search for bars, it’s actually home to the group that owns the best and cheapest eight sports bars in Manhattan.

Why will you love them:

1) They’re cheap. Daily drink specials vary at each, but most, if not all the bars, feature a half price bar till 8pm making your well liquor drink $3.

2) Beer pong.

3) Location, location, location. No matter what part of the city you find yourself you’re never far from one of these eight diamonds in the rough: Upper West Side (x2), Upper East Side, Greenwich/West Village (x3), East Village and Lower East Side.

4) Food. Though the traditional bar fare most are priced just around ten bucks.

5) The people. Lets face the facts. You’re there to drink cheap and have fun, as are they.

One last pro-tip: Each location is branded under a different name. Down the Hatch, Stumble Inn, Jake’s Dilemma, The Gin Mill, Off the Wagon, The 13th Step, 3 Sheets Saloon and Hair of the Dog.