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F2F_RYU_2 The exceptional athletic-wear crafted by RYU Apparel is unlike anything else you’ve seen at your local gym, and satisfies needs of any athlete in an unprecedented fashion. Proprietary technology developed specifically for this new collection result in an engineered product that incorporates polyester fibers, rather than the organic down alternative found in virtually all comparable products. These polyester fibers, specifically designed by RYU, create a jacket that is able to keep you cozy and dry in the cold and wind, while remaining much lighter than a comparable down jacket – and more compact. The unique construction of the garment demonstrates true consideration for the needs of athletes by over-delivering on all things warmth and element protection, yet remaining easily stuffed inside a bag without taking up an excess of space.

“Our mandate is simple,” says Marcello Leone, Chairman and CEO of RYU, “If it isn’t a game changer, it doesn’t get produced.”


With its modern lines and proportions, accentuated by details like the zipper breast-pocket, the Outrlayr Insulated Jacket presents quite a stylish choice – fitting, even outside of your morning run. Because of its ability to excel in not only the performance and comfort categories, it makes for a great piece to go from your workout, directly to the office in, without looking or feeling out of place at any step along the way. Additional seriously nice features include the nylon quick drying elastic cuffs that feel just like silk to the touch, but offer significantly more insulation, keeping you warm, dry, and performing at your highest level throughout the day.


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