Iron and Resin’s Motorcycle Tool Roll

FactoryTwoFour is always a fan of receiving motorcycle gear for our steeds. See the great motorcycle locks we received from ABUS. This week, we got a hipster-ific tool roll for our offroad adventure bike. From Iron and Resin, this roll is a durable waxed canvas ready-shipped with a extra long leather strap to secure the bundle to your bike, wherever you might want it.

We’re already big fans of Iron and Resin, and we already have multiple pieces of theirs on our bikes and around our houses, so this hardly going to be an unbiased review. Instead, we’ll just skip right to the part where we say “if you want a retro tool roll for your bike, buy this one,” take some pretty pictures, and we’ll all be home in time for dinner.

Made of a thick forest green canvas with brown highlighting, this roll has expandable room for not just your basic wrenches and screwdrivers, but also spare spark plugs, bandages, and even a spare satellite phone if you venture WAY off the map. This thing is massive, yet cinches down to smaller than some burritos when empty or lightly filled. It is as simple to install on your bike as wrapping and tying the leather straps around whichever section of frame or handlebars you heart desires. Obviously, it is just as easy to undue if you should unfortunately need to access it in an emergency.

We have never had any problems with any of our Iron and Resin parts, and we expect this tool roll to be serving us for years to come. We think it looks rather fetching on our adventure bike, but we’ll let you be the judge: