A Simple Guide to Bulk Up

Not having the bulk you want is quite frustrating, especially if you’ve been trying and not succeeding in reaching your desired results. However, you do not have to worry anymore because this simple guide has all the updated information you need to know to start bulking up and finally reach your desired body in the least amount of time possible. 


Lifting weights is something that anyone who wants to bulk up has to do. Getting a weight machine to use at home is going to ensure that you can get your exercise whenever you are free, which will remove the hassle of trying to find time in your busy schedule to go to a gym. There are different weight machines out there and it can get confusing, which is why you might need to look up websites online for more info about weight machines to understand what would work best for you. As a general rule, you should try looking for something affordable, of good quality, and will fit the space you have.

Resting Your Body

Believe it or not, your journey towards a more bulked up body requires a fair amount of rest. Overworking your body can lead to many serious health issues that you do not want to deal with. The lack of sufficient rest can make bulking up very hard because your body will not be able to build up the muscle mass you need to have the results you’ve been dreaming of.

A Simple Guide to Bulk Up

Workout Your Upper and Lower Body Equally

It is important to ensure you are exercising your upper and lower parts of your body equally. Exercising one more than the other, or simply neglecting one altogether is going to result in a disproportionate figure that you will not enjoy having.

Bulking up can seem like a far fetched dream, especially if you have a slim figure, but the tips above will point you in the right direction. With some work, persistence, and commitment, you will be able to bulk up in practically no time. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get the result you desire if you are not consistent with following these steps or if you only try to reach your goal by using only one of the methods mentioned here. So, incorporate all of the steps above in your routine and avoid taking any extreme measures to ensure that you are bulking up in the healthiest way possible.

Eating the Right Food

A large part of the fitness journey you are about to embark on is going to be choosing your food. When trying to bulk up, you need to introduce a larger amount of protein to your body than ever before. You also need to regularly eat more carbohydrates to ensure you have enough energy to exercise and still bulk up instead of losing weight due to an insufficient number of calories consumed. There are many foods you can eat to get your required amount of protein; other than red meat, you could eat eggs, legumes, dairy and cheese, fish, and poultry. As you can see, even if you are vegetarian, you can still have protein in your diet.

Tracking Your Calorie Consumption

Eating is not enough to ensure that you are bulking up. You need to track how many calories you are consuming daily. This will ensure that you are not going overboard with how much food you are eating, and give you an idea of whether you are getting the necessary calories to bulk up or if you are falling short on the calories needed to get in the desired shape. There are different applications and programs out there that you can download to track your calorie intake as well as find out how much you are benefiting from the foods and amounts you are consuming.

Dietary Supplements

Many people immediately shun dietary supplements that are meant to help you bulk up. But it is safe to say that this is often a wrong move, especially if the supplements you are considering are natural and can ensure you have the right amount of vitamins, carbs, and protein in your body to achieve your fitness goals and bulk up. As mentioned above, large amounts of protein are needed to start bulking up. Sometimes, you won’t be able to get that much protein eating meat or other foods so you might need to start drinking protein shakes to ensure that you have the amount you need.

If you’re looking to bulk up your body in the correct and healthiest way, then make sure that you keep the guidelines mentioned here in mind. It’s important to keep a good balance between a healthy diet, keeping track of your calories, and executing the right workouts in the correct way. If you commit to doing this then you’ll find that you accumulate the right kind of bulk, just the way you want!