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Top 7 Gadgets You Need to Have Right Now

The world is becoming ever more tech-focused, with new gadgets, tools, and ideas popping up daily. We are more integrated than ever before with the internet and technology, and this integration looks to only increase over the coming years. 

With so much tech out there, it can seem like an uphill challenge to stay abreast of everything new, every must-have, or even a few things that might suit or help you. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of our top 7 gadgets we think to suit everyone. We also think they are all excellent, for right now! So, have a read of our top 7 gadgets you need to have right now and see if any tickle your fancy.

1. Mobile-Linked Security Cameras

As cameras get better in quality and smaller in size, we are finding more and more uses for them. If you’re looking for home security, these cameras are now better than ever. Kev, a security gadget expert from The Spy Store said “With 4G-enabled, motion-detecting cameras now hitting the affordable end of the market, there really is no reason for them not to be installed in every home in the country!” He’s right! These cameras are easy to install and 4G ready, meaning you can tune in to your cameras from your phone at any time, from anywhere. Talk about peace of mind. This is a great security feature when at home or away from home. You can check who’s at the front door from your phone before letting them in, or you can keep an eye on your property whilst laying on the beach. 4G cameras are surely the future of security.

2. Robot Vacuum 

We all remember the very first robot vacuums that were introduced decades ago. They were funny, and cats liked to fight them, but they didn’t work too well. Nowadays, however, the robo-vacuum has had a major overhaul and is actually a smart device. Smart as in it connects to everything else in your ‘smart’ home, can be remotely programmed, and actually does the job well (and can tell if it has or hasn’t). 

3. Electric Scooters

This should be obvious, electric scooters are everywhere. Now, we know they’re divisive, but hear us out. These things are literally the future of transport for inner-city dwellers. Electric scooters are low-power, high-speed travel devices that get commuters around their cities quicker than driving and whilst using less power. Trust us, before you know it, everyone and their mother will be riding one of these to work instead of catching the bus or sitting in traffic. If it’s too far to walk but too close to drive, get on that electric scooter!

4. Smartwatch / Fitness Tracker

If you haven’t got a smartwatch or fitness band yet, why not? When the first Fitbit was released, it was a revolution in self-care. The ability to track steps, count calories, and track movement has now developed into watches that can check blood oxygen levels and accurately track sleep. From Garmin to Apple to Whoop, these gadgets are now so packed with health-based features, it’s almost impossible to wear one and be unhealthy. 

5. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are nothing new, sure, but they are simply getting better and better. Improved connectivity combined with far better sound quality in a smaller package means that Bluetooth speakers are now a summer essential. Let’s face it, we’re probably going to do a lot of hanging out in open spaces this year, so let’s get some music playing on some top Bluetooth speakers.

6. Drone

Whether you’re a pro photographer or not, a drone can be a great addition to your gadget arsenal. If you’re trying to make movies, they’re essential. If you want to have some fun with what is basically a flying remote-controlled car, even better. For the hobbyist and the professional – drones are awesome.

7. Smart Monitor

Finally, let’s talk about smart monitors. These are a combination of a smart TV and an amazing PC or Mac monitor, giving you all the features of both in one tidy package. A smart monitor gives you a great PC gaming screen and a perfect Netflix relaxation spot. These are especially great if you can’t afford both and don’t want to watch all the greatest series on a laptop screen. 

Adding these 7 gadgets to your home or backpack will definitely enhance daily life and bring you some joy. We have covered security through to transport with a dash of entertainment. Get your hands on a few of these gadgets, we’re sure you will find use and enjoyment in all of them.