Re-roofing bird's eye view of assorted-color roof tiles

A Quick Look at Some Re-roofing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

From time to time, homeowners need re-roofing done on their homes. While most roofs can last a lifetime, sometimes they deteriorate and develop problems. A damaged roof should be fixed immediately since it won’t effectively keep moisture, pests, and debris out of your home, which can damage your home’s structural integrity.

Some people attempt to re-roof their homes themselves, which can be a big mistake without proper experience and equipment. This post will explore some other mistakes that people make when they are having their home’s roof’s restored or replaced.

Ignoring Problems

A big mistake that’s made by a lot of homeowners is ignoring their roof’s deterioration until it’s too late. In many cases, it is actually possible to repair a roof, rather than fully replace it. The problem is, that a lot of homeowners knowingly ignore their roof’s gradual breakdown, which prevents them from being able to actually intervene when making repairs is actually an option. Repairing one’s roof is significantly cheaper than paying a company to replace it. If you suspect that your roof does need some work, rather than passing the buck, call in a professional and ask them to inspect it for you.


When your roof’s being repaired or alternatively replaced, you need to ensure that the materials being used are of the highest quality possible. The higher quality of your roof’s tiles when it comes to repairing or replacement, the more durable your roof will be in the future. The ideal tile needs to be wind resistant, fire resistant, algae resistant, impact resistant, and needs to reflect the sun’s rays. If you are not sure what materials are best for your home’s re-roofing or roofing repairs, do some research online and also speak to a roofing expert.

Wrong Choices

Sometimes people pay roofers to do the wrong job because they don’t want to shell out extra money to get the job done right. For example, sometimes people pay roofers to come in for inspections—the roofers then tell them that their roof needs a total replacement, but the homeowner ignores them and asks them to go ahead and repair any damage. As mentioned a few points ago, you need to make sure that you get the right repairs done. If a professional roofer says your entire roof needs to be re-roofed, then that’s the course of action that you need to take.

Cowboy Builders

Cowboy builders are a big problem for a lot of people. Unfortunately, they are on the rise. If you encounter one, then whatever work they complete for you, you can almost guarantee that it’s going to be subpar. The best way to determine whether or not a builder is a cowboy builder or an honest one is to read their reviews, check out their previous experience, and most importantly, verify that they have a license. Contractors operating without licenses are nearly always up to no good and can’t be trusted to work on your home.


Never DIY any roof-related tasks, unless you are a roofer. As mentioned earlier, it’s very common for homeowners to try and save money when it comes to re-roofing or roof repairs, since anything roof-related can be very expensive. Trying to do it yourself will end up very badly if you don’t have experience, help, and the right tools. In fact, you could make things a lot worse, not to mention potentially injuring yourself. Always hire professional local roofing companies to do the work for you, even if you are short on money and have to pay for the job in instalments. Most roofers will be more than happy to arrange a payment plan.

Extensive Research

When you are deciding to go ahead with re-roofing, find the perfect contractor. As mentioned earlier, cowboy builders are on the rise. In most countries, there are verified trade associations, where each member has been checked out and confirmed as an honest tradesman. It might be worth checking out your country or state’s trade association so that you can find the best tradesmen in your area. While highly qualified and experienced contractors can be more expensive, they offer a much better service.

Insurance Company

If your roof has been damaged by a natural disaster or the weather, you might be able to get your roof’s total replacement or repair covered by your insurance company. Be sure to check out your home insurance’s terms to see if you qualify for a pay-out.

Roof-related matters can be a nightmare. Most homeowners try to avoid dealing with their home’s roofs as much as possible because anything related to them can be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, ignoring your roof’s problems will only make matters worse and cost you more money in the long run. You need to act fast so that your roof’s issues don’t worsen.