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6 Facts About Compression Socks That Will Make You Instantly Buy Them 

You’ve likely seen compression socks before, but perhaps you didn’t recognize them for what they were. Compression socks are designed to gently squeeze the legs and feet at different points for medical and wellbeing reasons. The following will explore a few facts about compression socks that you might want to know. Once you realize how powerful these simple garments can be and how directly they promote health, you’ll probably be interested in finding a pair for yourself.

Compression Socks Promote Blood Circulation

Circulation of the blood within the body is a key component of health. It is through the blood that the body gets most of what it needs, including hyper valuable oxygen. Studies have found that nearly 90% of leg disorders are related to veins. Often, the problem is venous insufficiency; this is when the valves within a person’s veins don’t function ideally. The result is that blood remains in the legs, and the heart isn’t getting a full return of blood for the energy it’s expelling. Compression socks help reduce this problem by promoting better blood circulation. If you’re someone who always has cold feet or if your legs appear extra veiny, there’s a good chance you might need some help with your circulation.

Compression Socks Reduce And Prevent Swelling

In addition to assisting with blood circulation, compression socks also reduce and prevent swelling in the legs and feet. Swelling of the legs and feet is often caused by leaking fluid from the capillaries. The gentle squeezing of the legs puts pressure on the tissues below the skin. This can reduce leakage of fluid from the capillaries and increase the absorption of the leaked tissue fluid by lymphatic vessels. If you’re someone who suffers from swollen feet, ankles, or legs, compression socks can help alleviate some of this discomfort and keep you from needing to change your shoes halfway through the day because the pair that fit in the morning doesn’t fit in the afternoon.

Biodegradable Options Exist

Unfortunately, it is all too common for products that can genuinely help humans to be bad for the environment. Endocrine-disrupting plastics are found in pretty much everything nowadays, and this means that not only are products bad for you and your health, but they’re bad for the planet once you’re finished with them. When it comes to compression socks, points out that biodegradable options are available. This means that you don’t need to choose between your own comfort and wellbeing and the planet’s.

Compression Socks

Compression Socks Aid Athletes

Compression socks aren’t just for people that are struggling with swelling or circulation issues; they can also benefit athletes. Studies have found that compression socks have a positive impact on subsequent athletic performance; it is estimated that this is because they help encourage recovery. People who run with compression socks on, for example, are more likely to perform better on the next run they complete. Because compression socks help the blood deliver oxygen to the muscles, the removal of lactic acid might be sped up.

Compression Socks Aid Travellers

While traveling the world is a wonderful privilege and opportunity, it can be quite hard on the body. Not only are you more likely to be walking for extended periods of time and tiring yourself out by climbing mountains or observatories, but you’re also more likely to be stuck in a seated position on a plane, train, bus, or car for longer than normal. If you’re going to be flying, this is especially important. Compression socks can help reduce the risk of potential blood clots (which are a greater concern at 40,000 feet in the air) and can help keep your circulation thriving while you’re sitting for eight hours straight.

Compression Socks Keep Your Legs Looking, Young

Another benefit of compression socks—especially if you wear them on a regular basis—is the prevention of the blood flow backup issues that cause the appearance of varicose veins. Not everyone wants thick, bluish spidery veins to be super visible on their legs, but many people are prone to developing them later on in life. Compression socks can help prevent the appearance of varicose veins as well as the root causes of varicose veins.

The above facts should have opened your eyes to the wonder that is compression socks. It is vitally important that if you’re looking for a pair of compression socks, you pay attention to the fit. If the sock is too tight or uncomfortable, it’s probably too small. You can speak to a compression sock manufacturer or provider to help find out which size is perfect for you.