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Top Items Every Bookworm Needs to Have at Home

We all know a bookworm who is a passionate book person, and that small bookish things can mean the world to them. To be honest, all people make memories in one certain way, while bookworms make their memories trapped within the pages of books. It goes without saying that people who are obsessed with books like collecting small book accessories, and these are unquestionably some of the items that each and every bookworm needs. Therefore, we have compiled a list of necessities for bookworms.


Book Shelves

If you have ever had a chance to visit the home of a single bookworm, you have probably been welcomed into the dark academic atmosphere with the books being neatly organized on the shelves and piled up on the floor or even turned into small tables for the lamps and candles. It feels as if you are trapped in a private library. This is why it is of the utmost importance to keep your books safe and well-organized. You cannot name a better way of contributing to that special atmosphere than purchasing a vintage bookcase or bookshelf where all of these things will be placed. For instance, we have seen a super cool design by one passionate reader where she simply organized all the books and small merchandise connected to the titles, making it look incredibly aesthetic and expensive at the same time. 

Book Journal

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to remember every single detail about the book or the plot, it is simply impossible. So, instead of forcing yourself to hold a tight grip on the memories of some books, you can simply write them down in your very own book journal. It can be overly demanding to remember every single thing you have completed, which is why these journals are game changers. Once you complete the book, you can simply write down a couple of lines about it and how it made you feel. The moment you start going through the journal and the notes, all of the memories and the plot will be revived. In addition, writing down a list of the favorite quotes from the book will make valuable pages as well.

A Mug 

Without further ado, we would like to explain the existence of this controversial item on the “what every bookworm needs to have” list. You must know that every reader adores having a drink of tea or coffee while diving into their favorite book of the moment. It is just like a couple made in heaven. On the other hand, you can also go one step further and create a collection of book-inspired mugs. This way, you will raise the bar and completely change the game called “bookworms.” 


LED Book Lights 

We all know the joy of reading books at night. However, it is not possible if you are engulfed in complete darkness. In addition, we all know that there is a certain risk of having to deal with the atmosphere lighting since it can negatively influence your vision. On the other hand, using LED book lights can be one of the best gadgets a book lover can invest in. These lights will give you enough illumination and will make reading at night an enjoyable experience. 


True bookworms can never have enough bookmarks. There are paper, leather, magnetic, origami, or DIY bookmarks. If you are into book series you are obsessed with, such as Harry Potter, then you can invest in these specially-themed bookmarks as well. The best thing about bookmarks is the endless number of options you get to choose among. But, if you are, on the other hand, a put-a-pen-between-pages person, it works as well. 

Tote Bag 

You can never know when the need for a book will arise, so having a bookish tote bag will miraculously solve all of your problems. You can easily fit your favorite book of the moment and it will also present an aesthetic addition to your outfit. On the other hand, these are much more sustainable than plastic bags. So, making your own or purchasing a tote bag connected to your favorite book series sounds like a perfect idea. 

Being a bookworm is a full-time job, and it demands a lot of time to find all of the stuff and items you want to have as part of your collection. Luckily, today, all of these items are easily accessed and you can find all of your favorites and obsessions in no time. Just keep it in mind- do not fall in love with a fictional character.