Spray Nine is the Carl Weathers of cleaners

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My garage is my happy place, and in additional to all the tools, tapes, and spare parts there is a shelf inside stocked with every chemical imaginable. Lubricants, sealants, rust removers, paints, grease, oil, and powders; you name it, I’ve got it. And every single bottle or can is used for a very specific and singular purpose. If I’ve got a stuck bolt, I reach for penetrating oil, if it’s glue residue, then up steps a solvent. And when I recently had the gnarly job of cleaning 30 years of grease and muck off our Porsche project’s engine, I grabbed the bottle of heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser Spray Nine.

Spray Nine

When I removed the engine from the Porsche, I discovered that it was so caked with a thick layer of black grime on every surface that it would need some sort of action hero-esque cleaner to have any hope of ever seeing it clean again. In the pantheon of action stars, the 80’s were king and gods walked among men.  So it’s a good thing Spray Nine is basically the Carl Weathers of cleaners. This heavy-duty degreaser was about to be pitted against Predator-level road grot. Spray, bristle brush, and rag in hand I walked into my own private dirt jungle.

With the amount of time and effort we are putting into this restoration, it just wouldn’t do to put a greasy engine back into our newly painted body shell. No, this thing had to be made sparkly and ready to eat off of to match the level of beauty that’s going to be present on the outside.  But it would take some serious effort to get the engine there.

30 years and at least 3 different state’s worth of dirt had accumulated and turned into a thick, gelatinous substance that until now was unknown to science. Luckily, it was no match for the grease cutting biceps of Spay Nine. Spray, bush, wipe. Section by section, surface by surface shiny aluminum began to be revealed and displayed. It broke apart the dirt clumps, dissolved the oil, and wiped free the brake fluid with ease. I had scheduled the whole weekend for this cleaning job, and rewarded myself for finishing in day by watching Rocky, Rocky II, and Predator back to back. This is why I use Spray Nine – it simply works well and lets me get back to my 80’s movie life.

Spray Nine half-clean Porsche Engine 3.2 Half and half, before Spray Nine and after

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