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How Often Should You Check Your Roof For Damage?

How often should you check your roof for damage? This is a question that most homeowners don’t think about, but it’s one of the most important things to take care of. If you don’t know how often you need to check your roof, then this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Why you should check your roof

First, you must know why you should take roof inspections. Your roof is the only thing standing between your home and nature’s elements like rain, wind, snow, hail, ice dams, and more. When it gets damaged you will need to replace it for safety reasons or risk a leaky roof that will cause damage inside of your house.

Check Your Roof

Second, when there are large storm events in an area (like hurricanes), insurance companies may be less likely to cover damages if they know about any existing roof problems beforehand. This isn’t always the case though so make sure you check with your insurer before taking any action on these issues! 

That’s why roof inspections are so important. Here’s a list of reasons to remember:

  • roofing is the only thing standing between your home and the elements
  • insurance companies might not cover damages
  • roof inspections can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches in the future

A damaged roof can lead to other problems

Leaks are a roof’s worst nightmare. It can lead to water damage, which can be a costly problem to fix. Water leaks will also cause mold and rot within your house or building if left untreated leading to more serious problems like structural integrity issues that could affect the safety of you and your family when traveling in high winds or storms which isn’t something any homeowner wants!

To prevent these terrible things from happening, it is important for people with leaky roofs to call roofing professionals as soon as they find out about the issue so repairs can begin right away before further damage occurs. 

If you notice anything out of the ordinary

Calling professionals to deal with roof repair is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only do roofing professionals have experience, knowledge, and skills to deal with roof repairs efficiently, they also understand the importance of safety for them and your family when on a roof or working in close proximity to it. Working with, you can ensure to avoid any further damage and problems. Having professional help means leaving your roof and house in good hands.

How often to check your roof

The frequency of roof checks varies depending on roof type, roof material, and roof age. A quick check should be done at least twice a year for those with asphalt shingles or metal roofs, to monitor any roof leaks that may have developed since the last inspection.

For more durable roof materials such as cedar shake (or other wood shakes), clay tiles, slate, or concrete tile, you can often wait two years between inspections. However, it is always best to consult your roofer about how frequently they recommend checking your roof before making this decision yourself. 

Frequent checks will ensure that roof damage is caught and corrected before it becomes more costly to repair. You will sleep a lot easier once you know that everything above you is safe and sound, as well as in tip-top condition.

What to look for when checking the roof 

Whenever you are checking, you should be looking for roof leaks, loose shingles, missing roof tiles, or flashing. Roof Leaks: If you see spots on your ceiling that are not consistent with water stains from a recent downpour and have been there for at least six months, these might be the signs of roof leaks. You can check by removing light fixtures and tapping in different areas to hear if it makes any noise. 

If you discover an area where tap produces a sound then this is the place where a leak has occurred due to cracked sealant or wear along eaves troughs. The first course of action would be to fix the problem before it causes more damage to your property but if this is too expensive, consider hiring a roof repair company that will solve all problems.

If you are walking on your roof and notice that there are some loose roof tiles, this could be a sign that there is significant damage to the roof meaning the whole thing should be replaced. Similar to finding loose roof material, any missing tile means further inspection should take place as soon as possible because this can lead to major problems with your property. You’ll want someone who specializes in these types of repairs or replacements so they can assess whether or not more expensive repairs are necessary. 

Check Your Roof

With the right information and some preparation, you can keep your roof in tip-top shape. If you’re not sure how often to check your roof, or what to look for when inspecting it, there are a few tips that will help ensure you catch any potential problems before they become serious issues down the road. Whenever something starts getting out of hand, call the roofers because they’ll fix it properly.