Shinola Three Zip Leather Wallet

Men, this is your warning.  Mother’s Day is coming up fast (May 11), and the normal flower and cards gift just aren’t going to do it anymore.  Do you really want to give your mom or wife a bunch of overpriced dying flowers and the same mass-printed piece of paper that you may have given to her last year?  Really? Don’t be that guy.

I am looking out for you though, and talked to our friends as Shinola to give their new three zip leather wallet a look.

Off the bat, this thing looks great.  The blue color is deep and rich, and the overall feel is soft without feeling weak.  The Horween leather is tanned with vegetables as well, making it a truly unique and environmentally responsible wallet.  Often times, the dies used on leathers will wear off, but after a few weeks of heavy use, we noticed no transfer or dulling of the color.  The solid zipper is easy to open and close, and does not feel as if it will break under normal daily pressure.  This is not the typical, mass produced wallet.  You can tell by its heft, quality, and comfort that this is just as Shinola advertises; a truly handmade piece of leather art.

The next thing I noticed is the size.  This is a thick wallet, and with the zipper, it does add a bit to its heft, but you need to remember this is meant for you or your back pocket.  As a matter of fact, we are pretty sure this is the most uncomfortable wallet for a back pocket, which is a good reason why it’s meant for the ladies and their purse.  And that’s where is thrives as a great wallet.  breaking away from the traditional larger wallets, the three zip leather piece is able to handle the traditional items carried in a ladies wallet with the same ease.  The back pocket has is big enough to carry cash, coupons, and other tidbit pieces of paper that end up in the wallet.  Fitting inside the purse is no problem, and even might help justify purchasing a smaller purse in the future instead of the massive satchels used to haul the traditional wide wallets.

The average guy will spend over $150 this coming Mother’s Day, and with this wallet being only $120, it would be safe to say it’s a better investment than those flowers that will last a week and gives you enough money leftover for a nice bottle of wine that night.  And your wife, mother, or daughter will be able to show it off to more than her friends in the office.  Ultimatley, that’s what matters, and with the Shinola Three Zip Wallet, we are confident that it will be shown off year after year.

So don’t be that guy.  Be unique, show her you care, and step outside the norm with this year’s gift.

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