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Fitness in Your 40s for Vitality Moving On

Fitness in your 40s can be challenging, even if you are used to exercise. Mid-life causes physical changes to the body and we also begin to think differently too. But it is never too late for a fit lifestyle. From finding something you enjoy to getting out more, here are some tips.

Tone It Up by Toning It Down

Packing in some gym time and hitting the weights is something men love to do. Toning up muscle and getting bigger is a masculine exercise that boosts testosterone and serotonin. In short, it can feel great! However, physical issues in your mid-life, such as muscle degradation and worn cartilage, can make it more challenging. You can find pilates instructor training, yoga, or something similar, so you don’t have to be one of the 8% of quitters for toned-down toning!

Find Something You Love to Do

Any fitness expert will tell you that working out shouldn’t be a chore. It should always be fun and enjoyable. If you have become bored with something, then move on to something else. Maybe you have spent years cycling and aren’t enjoying it as much as you used to. Perhaps swimming might be more up your alley. Finding something you love to do will give you the extra motivation you need to get out of bed or get straight to it after work. Buddying up can also help you out.

Fitness in Your 40s with Supplements

It is recommended that we exercise for at least 150 minutes per week. This should also be at least a moderate aerobic level. Remember it this way; if your heart goes faster, you are exercising! Of course, we can’t all exercise as much as we need to, and there is help available. Nutrition plays a crucial role in fitness throughout your life. You can also become deficient in minerals and vitamins as you age. But you will feel much better with supplements for men.

Heed the Call of the Wild

It is well documented that getting outside and in nature has significant physical and mental health benefits. Just stroking the dog releases oxytocin in large amounts. This is the chemical you feel when falling in love. Which may be why we love our pets so much! Just walking outside, however, helps you exercise muscles, breathe in fresh air and get some much-needed sunlight for vitamin D production. This is vital as you age as bone density decreases.

Keep Your Weight in Check

Obesity and being overweight can wreak havoc as you get older. Of course, 40 isn’t really old. But it is a time in your life when you need to start paying attention to health. Most Americans gain 3 to 4 lbs each year after they reach 40. If you don’t keep this in check by eating healthily and moving more, it can have major consequences. Heart disease, mental health problems, and type 2 diabetes are among some of the worst. Maybe swap the Coke for kale smoothies!


Less intensive exercise such as pilates and yoga will help keep up the fitness in your 40s. Nutritious meals combined with supplements are a massive benefit for physical and mental health. You will need to watch what you eat, or you will gain weight past midlife.