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Well, we saved your holiday party with some amazing tequila drinks, but now we want to save your morning breakfast from becoming another mediocre experience.  We’ve all been there; waking up after a great party, the family ready to tear open presents and cause a good amount of ruckus around the house.  Last night was an extravaganza, pulling out all the stops for food, and the last thing you want to do is have a whole new ordeal over breakfast.  But it’s Christmas, and cereal just isn’t going to do.S

So we started the research, read the recipes, and followed directions.  Breakfast after breakfast we tried, until this one came out as a clear winner.  Not only is it one of the easiest meals to make, the impression it leaves is amazing.  It is just that perfect.  Gordon Ramsay knows how to make scrambled eggs, and it has become my go-to morning recipe.  With only one pot and one pan to clean up after, it’s not that big of a deal to make either.  So, check out the video and give it a show tomorrow morning.  We are sure the family will love it.

Richard Melick
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Co-founder and Editor of I am a writer and photographer with global travel ambitions. I never shy from a new recipe, adventure, or experience. I write about what I love.

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