Putting A Modern Flare On Your Classic Fashion

Merging the old with the new, it’s a concept that spans many different aspects of life. Whether it’s the generational gap, car technology or fashion, we’re always trying to experiment with what works well together from the old and new school. Those that are resistant to the changing of classic fashion must keep one thing in mind. If you don’t try to modernize your items and clothes, then how do you expect the next generation to care for them? Sometimes being adaptable in itself is the most fashionable move you can make. These are just some of the classic wardrobe items that you can bring forth into the new decade.

Brogues are for bros

If there’s one classic shoe that is the most open to change it’s the brogue. You won’t find many Oxford toe cap enthusiasts wanting to experiment with their high-end shoes. However, brogues are able to be worn with a lot more chill. Dark denim goes well with tan monotone brogues because they slip under the radar quite well. Unless someone looks down at your feet, they won’t even realize you have one of the classiest shoes on the mark on. Two-tone brogues whereby the toe cap and the heel is darker than the body of the shoe are also welcome but it’s best worn with trousers. Summer brogues are awesome in suede blue, mixed with a little tangerine. Brogues don’t have to be made with leather, you can have them in rubber as well if you want more flexibility.

Taking a dive

Those who want to lead the way must be prepared to take a few dives off the deep end. The classic watch has become more and more adapted to modern styles because it has value. No one can deny that Rolex makes sublime watches, but why do the straps need to be made out of steel? These rolex watch straps are made from rubber because this material is better for an active lifestyle. Check out the Horus navy blue camouflage strap for the Rolex GMT Master II model. It fits the ceramic and non-ceramic models. You’re given a choice of stainless steel brushed, polished or PVD black buckles. We’re starting to see contemporary entrepreneurs take the classic styles into their own eras. The charm and quality of the Rolex watch, matched with the daring and flexible strap styles of the modern-day.

Not that serious

Dress shirts don’t have to be matched with suits only. In fact, dress shirts can be worn any day you want, as long as you have on a long sleeve jumper and a pair of jeans. White dress shirts have more pronounced collars, making them great for wearing with round neck sweaters, cardigans or jumpers. You can even wear a tie with the shirt instead of leaving it unbuttoned. It’s a great way to wear a formal piece of clothing, in a casual way.

Anyone who wishes to develop their own style must start off with trying to merge the old with the new. When you know what your tastes are, you can begin to be more experimental with classic fashion.