10 Jeep Facts That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

In 2018, Jeep sold close to 100,000 vehicles

If you are one of the people who bought these vehicles, you may be wondering just what secrets and little known facts your Jeep has. 

The Jeep is an American staple that appeared as a military vehicle around WW2. Keep reading to discover more interesting and funny jeep facts.

1. The Door Handles Are 35 Years Old

Did you know that the Jeep’s door handles are 35 years old? 

In the 80s, Chrysler was buying AMC, hoping to take over Jeep. They were starting to develop the XJ Cherokee SUV and the YJ Wrangler. 

However, AMC’s older products were phased out over the next ten years, but some of the old parts still live inside the jeep. The door handle is one of them. 

These paddle-style door handles were first on the AMC Rebel in 1968, but they were eventually dropped from the JK Wrangler in 2007. 

2. Jeeps Were Built for War

As we already touched on, the Jeep was built for World War II. 

America wasn’t yet involved in the war in 1940, but they were anticipating having to partake in it as wars continued on in Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

The Army needed something that was capable, tough, but nimble enough to maneuver through war. They wanted a vehicle that would help the American Armed Forces become the most mobile fighting force and the fastest in the world. 

The Army had bids from every automaker wanting them to choose their car, but only Bantam, Willy’s-Overland, and Ford were allowed to build a prototype. 

Willy’s-Overland Quad was the one that the generals were most impressed by, and then the bombing of Pearl Harbor happened. That is how the Jeep became the vehicle for G.I.s around the world. 

If you want a vehicle that used to be built for war, check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

3. There Is No 1996 Model

Did you ever notice that there is no 1996 model? 

That’s because they didn’t make any Jeeps in 1996.

After the 1995 model had square headlights, they took the time to replace all of them to the rounded headlights, which came out in 1997. 

4. The Name is a Mystery

No one is really sure where the name Jeep came from. 

There were three prototypes submitted to the Army in World War II,  and collectively all the prototypes became known as “jeeps.” 

However, other than that, it’s just speculation and urban legend as to where the name came from. 

The most likely story is that the Army called these vehicles government purposes, which was abbreviated as GP. They may have just started pronouncing it as jeep instead of saying G and P. 

5. There Are Hidden Easter Eggs

Remember searching for Easter eggs at your parent’s house? Or for finding hidden clues and subtle nods in movies?

Well, the Jeep also takes inspiration from this concept.

In each jeep, there are all kinds of special hidden features that you can find out if you’re careful with your car. You may even notice some tributes to the Jeep’s military history.

In the Jeep Rubicon, all of the alloy wheels have the shadow of a Willy’s MB near the edge. 

If you’re in the passenger side of the car, the corner of the windshield actually has a tiny jeep that drives up the hill. 

The steering wheel also has small design accents that are at 10, 2, and 6 o’clock. This mimics the spoke that was on the Willys’ steering wheel as well.

There are more than this, but you’ll have to find them yourself!

6. A Jeep Won the Purple Heart

There was a Jeep that was nicknamed Old Faithful that was used by Marine Corp generals through World War II.

This was the first vehicle to be decorated with the Purple Heart after it was damaged in battle. There were actually two shrapnel holes in its windshield. 

7. They Were the Original Mail Trucks

Before the mail trucks we have now, the U.S. Postal Service commissioned these in the 1950s. 

They used to deliver mail in the Jeep DJ (Dispatcher Jeep), which was a right-hand Jeep used to deliver mail. 

8. Jeep Owners Have a Secret Wave

If you’ve been driving your Wrangler down the road, you may notice that other Jeep Wrangler owners waving at you every time you pass by. 

People who own Jeeps are part of a special community, and each Wrangler driver gives a casual, two-finger, peace-sign-like wave from the 12 o’clock hand on the steering wheel.

This wave dates back to World War II when service members would know if they were passing an ally or an enemy. 

9. Humvee Replaced Replaced the Jeep

The Jeeps service in World War II, but after that, the Army needed a bigger vehicle for Korea and Vietnam.

They ended up developing the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. Thus the Humvee was used and the Jeep became part of civilian life after retirement.

“eeps were standard military vehicles from the start of World War II through Korea and Vietnam. In the 1980s, however, the Army began developing a bigger, heavier, more durable machine as part of its Combat Vehicle Modernization Strategy. The result was the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. The Humvee was born and the vaunted Jeep was retired to civilian life.

10. You Can Fold the Windshield Down

Lastly, one of the most interesting features of the Wrangler is that you can fold the windshield down for a true off-road adventure.

Most Jeep owners say they do it because it helps keep the windshield intact while they are off-roading.

This feature can also be traced back to its military days. Servicemembers could fold the windshields of the jeep down so they could fire out of the vehicle without having to stand up. 

Discover More Jeep Facts 

These are only a few of the Jeep facts out there. 

This car has a lot of history behind it, and you should be proud of your Jeep if you drive one.

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