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Top 5 Engagement Gift Ideas

Do you have an engagement to celebrate? This list has you covered. These five gifts are the perfect way to celebrate with the happy couple and help them get prepared for the big day. Give them your best wishes with one of these top-tier engagement gifts.

Say Congratulations In Style

When a couple announces their engagement you need to mark the occasion with style. Getting married is an incredibly special moment in their life, and before you start looking for a gift you should reach out and congratulate them personally. You do not have to rely on an old-school card or phone call, there are more modern alternatives to choose from in this day and age.

Greenvelope has the perfect solution. Use their amazing service to say congratulations on your engagement to the happy couple. They have dozens of unique designs to choose from and can help you to find just the right words to celebrate with the soon-to-be-weds. Sending a digital congratulations card comes with some advantages too. You know it is not going to get lost in the post, and you can be notified when it arrives in the inbox of the bride and groom-to-be. 

Celebrate With A Bouquet Of Flowers

This is a top-tier gift for a happy couple. Sending flowers is a wonderful way to celebrate with a couple, and there are loads of options to choose from so you can find just the right arrangement for your gift. You can send them to someone easily and include cute add-ons like chocolates or a soft toy. Flowers are not just a great gift for the bride, they work as a present for the groom as well. Men love a bouquet of fresh flowers too.

Choosing the right flowers can be difficult, but do not worry, there are some simple rules to follow. Stay away from roses, as they can seem a bit too romantic. The romance is between the happy couple, you just want to celebrate. Tulips are the perfect engagement flower. Look for pink or white tulips and send them with a vase included. 

Send Some Champagne

There is no better way to celebrate than with some fizz. Champagne has been the celebratory drink of choice for generations. There will probably be plenty of bottles popping on the big day, so this treat gives the soon-to-be-weds a taste of the special day they have in front of them. You may think that a single bottle of champagne is not that big of a gift, but it depends on which size you choose and which label.

If you want to make a splash with your champagne gift, send a Magnum-size bottle. These hold twice as much as a standard champagne bottle, giving both future bride and future groom a full bottle’s worth each. There are even larger champagne bottle sizes that you can choose from if you want to make a bigger statement with your gift. 

A Wedding Planner

This is a great gift that often gets overlooked. There is a huge amount to plan and prepare for if you want to have the perfect wedding day, and the future bride and groom have their work cut out for them. Give them a helping hand by getting them a wedding planner to organize their ideas and start preparing for their special day. You can get them customized too, so you can present them with a beautiful book specifically for their wedding, complete with the date if they have chosen one.

There is so much to organize so this is a gift that keeps on giving. Wedding planners have sections for planning a menu for the wedding breakfast and arranging the timings of the day. It will help the happy couple keep on top of all their different ideas and deadlines, and help their day go swimmingly.

Personalized Champagne Glasses

Celebrating an engagement is just the first of many celebrations the happy couple will be making over the years to come. They have their big day in front of them which will include many toasts to them and their family, and hopefully, a little later on they will be celebrating the birth of a child or two. Giving them a gift of personalized, engraved champagne glasses gives them something they can hold on to throughout the years and use to celebrate again and again.

Make sure you spend a little extra on this gift. There are many low-quality glasses out there that may save you a few dollars but they will not last the test of time. This gift can keep on giving for years to come if you invest in quality. Get them engraved professionally with a personal message, or simply their names and the date of their special day.

Any one of these gifts is the perfect way to celebrate someone’s engagement. Put a few of them together and you have built an amazing celebratory hamper for the happy couple. Next time you have an engagement to celebrate, remember this list and you will have no trouble finding the perfect gift.