prep for your summer road trip

How to prep for your summer road trip

It time again for that great American migration known as the summer road trip. Far off destinations are calling, and school breaks and long weekends are accommodating. But before you head out to on yonder, make sure to take to evening to properly prep for your summer road trip. Beyond packing, stocking up the snack box (Red Vines!), and orchestrating a truly excellent Spotify playlist, you’ve also got to make sure your ride is up to job and won’t leave you stranded somewhere far from quality FroYo.

Making sure your sweet whip is ready for the open road can be divided into two parts: Checking your car and packing supplies.

Checking Your Car

Your car won’t take care of you if you don’t take of it. Make sure your jalopy has plenty of oil, coolant, and other fluids. Check your tire pressures, not forgetting your spare tire if you have one. If not, filling your tires with Fix-a-Flat ooze can mean the difference between being stranded and limping into town. Lastly It’s not the worst idea to pick up a spare quart of oil or bottle of coolant to take with you just in case.

Packing Supplies

Speaking of just in case, you’ll also want to make sure you have tools you’ll need should something go wrong. Here, your best bet is a travel tool kit sold at any AutoZone, augmented with any special tools your car needs. Tire pressure gauges are cheap and a godsend when you need one, as are spare fuses. If an accident should occur, you’ll be thankful you have an emergency tool with a seatbelt cutter and window breaker. And of course, duct tape is never a bad idea.

This summer you can successfully cross any state or nation if you show your car a little love before sending it into battle. Any AutoZone around can have you prepped up with all these items, and we’ve even got a $5 off coupon for you.¬†You depend on your vehicle to get you to where you are going, and it depends on you to take good care of it.



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