A Massive Presence: 2015 Infinity QX80

If the 2015 Infinity QX80 were to be described in a single word, the most fitting one would be massive. Somewhat reminiscent of the much loved Toyota Land Cruiser, the Infinity is the classical expression of a full size SUV, as it features a sturdy, body on frame chassis, typical for all terrain vehicles that do more than just pick up the groceries.

On the outside, the ample chromed grille framed by the LED headlamps and the overall falcon-like fascia stand out, but the styling might not suit everyone’s taste. The large glass surface area makes sure that the interior atmosphere is not claustrophobic, but airy and welcoming. Although it might not have a supermodel’s silhouette – weighing close to three tons –  the 2015 Infinity QX80 is quite nimble, thanks to the powerful engine it is fitted with: a massive, 5.6 litre V8 with a total output of 400 horsepower. Mated to an automatic seven speed transmission, it promises a sprint from 0 to 60 in just 6.5 seconds, an impressive figure that shames many compacts and super hatches, let alone SUV’s.

Coming in standard as two wheel drive (with power being sent to the rear wheels), the QX80 can also be optionally fitted with a four wheel drive system, which would be silly to avoid if you live in a mountainous area or just want to tread through mud trails without the fear of getting stuck.

In the interior, there are three rows of seats, configurable in multiple ways, allowing for the seating of up to eight occupants, although if they are adults, the driver or owner may receive some complaints, as the third row tends to be more suitable for children. With a wheelbase of 121.1 inches, the passenger space is ample, an advantageous asset if the journey might take more than a few minutes. Even passengers over six feet will appreciate this feature, as the leg room is more than sufficient for the occasional stretch and the headroom abounds.

Choose the interior in Graphite Leather/Mocha Burl Trim and enjoy the superb sensory exaltation – you will feel like a sheikh inside, it’s that impressive. The dashboard includes a small Infinity clock, a brand signature feature, but also an allusion to the majestic Rolls Royce limousines. Heated front seats (with 10 positions for the driver and 8 for the front passenger), a multifunctional steering wheel wrapped in fine leather and smooth leather upholstery are all standard features.

A powerful 13 speaker audio system with two subwoofers, courtesy of Bose, provides an excellent ambient, be it for listening to soothing music or scaring the neighbours with the bass. CD/DVD playback, Sirius XM Satellite radio, Bluetooth streaming capability and a USB and AUX port for connecting any music players or phone are included from the start.

Summing up, the 2015 Infinity QX80 is a very well thought out full size luxury SUV that offers great performance, excellent interior space and design and ample storage space, rising above many of its competitors, be it from the standpoint of price, standard options or ride quality.  Not only is it one of the largest SUVs we have tested, it has set the standard of luxury and comfort that feel superior to the competition. Minus the gas mileage, this could possibly be as close to the perfect SUV as it can get.