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How to Dress Properly for a Golf Game

While a major part of excelling at your golf game can be attributed to your skills, talent, and effort, proper golf attire is also necessary to keep you comfortable on the golf course. Contrary to popular belief, you can modernize traditional golf attire and make it stylish. 

More importantly, it should be functional. It is also believed that women golfers have more style options as compared to men. However, this is not entirely true. Even though men have less versatile options, you can add several personal touches to enhance your golf attire. Here is how you should dress for a golf game. 

Do Not Overlayer

Mixing different types of fabrics not only looks sloppy and unstylish but also makes you uncomfortable. Keep away from different and multiple layers of fabric on hot and sunny days. It will also compromise the breathability of your outfit. Unless it is an extremely cold day, you should not overlayer with pieces of fabric. During winters, prioritize layering with vests, sweaters, windbreakers, fleece jackets, and button-down shirts. These types of clothing will help keep the wearer warm in cold conditions.

Get Comfortable and Durable Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are an ideal choice for golfers as they provide a semi-formal look while keeping the player comfortable. Collared polo shirts are easily available and fall within your budget. They are primarily made of polyester, cotton, and microfiber fabric, which enhance comfort and keep you cool. Invest in high performance polos as they are ideally designed for games and country clubs. Women can wear sleeveless polo shirts with an appropriate fit. Oversized or overhanging polos should be avoided as they look sloppy. Most importantly, the shirt should be tucked. 

Invest in Golf Footwear

Needless to say, you need a pair of comfortable golf shoes to get a proper grip and stabilized swing. Many newbies resort to running shoes when playing golf. While this is acceptable in some cases, running shoes are not ideal for a prolonged period. Modern golf shoes are made of plastic or rubber spikes that provide optimum grip. The importance of owning a pair of good golf shoes cannot be emphasized enough. Since golf courses are often wet, you must invest in golf shoes as they are comfortable and durable. In the long run, they will also help you improve your posture and swing.  

Consider the Importance of Accessories

Accessories such as a golf hat and gloves are necessary too. Buy gloves that are specifically designed for golfers as these keep a tight hold on your club. Since developing a tight grip is necessary to master your stroke, a pair of high-quality gloves should be added to your golf ensemble. Players wear golf gloves on the non-dominant or freehand. Another important accessory is a pair of sunglasses. Since you spend most of your day under sunlight, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is imperative. You can easily find sunglasses designed for golfers as they shield your eyes from sunlight while retaining proper visibility. Some models are designed using a special lens technology to boost contrast. This, in turn, enhances the visibility of the ball. Get a baseball cap to shadow your eyes as well. 

Follow Some ‘Unspoken’ Rules

Even though some people do not take golf attire and style seriously, professional golfers are often judged on the basis of how they dress up. To adhere to the rules of golf attire, follow these tips –

  • Match colors of your shoes, belt, and hat.
  • Wearing white socks with black shoes is a complete no-no.
  • In your entire ensemble, only one garment should be patterned or bright-colored. 
  • Choose white golf shoes as they are universally accepted and match with almost every outfit. 
  • Choose contrasting colors for your golf ensemble. 

These unspoken rules are easy to follow and will help during shopping. 

Invest in Golf Pants

Golf pants are typically made of breathable fabric that keeps moisture away. Since you are spending a major part of your day under the sun, you will sweat a lot. Moisture-wicking pants keep you dry and comfortable. Golf skirts and shorts are also acceptable for women. Choose white, black, or khaki golf pants as they go well with almost every shirt. Wearing jeans, denim, athletic pants, cargo, and yoga pants to the golf course are frowned upon. Make sure that your pants fit you well; they should not be too tight, too loose, or sloppy. 

The outfits you wear on the golf course are considered a part of your golf attire, which is why you must pay attention to the outfits you wear during the game. This is particularly necessary if you are taking part in tournaments or meeting a potential business partner over a game of golf. These tips will ensure that your outfit complies with the acceptable golf attire and keeps you comfortable throughout the game.