Fitness Apps to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolution

5 Apps to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again. Time for you to make grandiose plans to learn languages, travel the world, and visit estranged uncle Steve. Of course, most of these goals only last a few weeks at most, because no one is holding you accountable for your goals but yourself. But these fitness apps are here to help. Below, you will find the five best apps to help you keep your resolution all the way through the new year.



HabitHub for new years resolution


Android & iOS

I like to use HabitHub to track all of my goals in one place. Although I have separate apps to help me eat better, learn more, and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, HabitHub is great to keep all of my aspirations organized in one place. Create separate goals and reminders, grow your chain day by day, and make your goals into habits without breaking a sweat.
myFitnessPal for new years resolution


Android & iOS

Probably the best overall fitness app on the market today. Set your weight loss (or gain) goals, where you are now, and how much activity you do each day. Track your calorie intake using a handy barcode scanner or by using the search bar in the diary section of the app. Over time, the app will show you analytics of your progress and make suggestions for improvement.
Fooducate for new years resolution


Android & iOS

I think most people are becoming more health conscious in terms of what they put into their bodies. Every day we hear how “Organic” or “Farm-to-Table” may contain the exact ingredients we were looking to avoid. With Fooducate, you can learn about what exactly makes your food healthy or unhealthy as well as get an overall “healthiness” grade for individual foods and brands. Track your progress and get a personalized grade based on your eating habits.
Acorns Investment App for new years resolution


Android & iOS

Saving money is one thing, growing your overall wealth with that saved money is an entirely different story. With Acorns, you can stash away a small amount of money and have it automatically invested in ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds. Invest the spare change from every purchase or create a recurring investment each day, week, or month. Every dollar becomes immediately invested in your diversified portfolio through Fractional Shared Ownership of the ETFs. Now saving takes on a whole new meaning.
Udemy Online Learning for new years resolution


Android & iOS

I’ve taken a multitude of college courses, but I think the most consistently useful knowledge I’ve learned thus far has come from Udemy. The courses they offer are relevant, informative, and downright cheap. I’ve taken courses on everything from marketing to coding to adobe illustrator and all of them have been great. Take the video lessons at your own speed and stop or pick up whenever you want. Accelerate your new year’s resolutions with this awesome app.