Pool Maintenance

What You Should Know About Swimming Pool Maintenance and How To Properly Implement It

Having a swimming pool in your backyard improves the appearance of your home, increases its value, and provides a relaxing outdoor space where you can spend quality time with your family. However,  some people often forget to maintain their pools. Poor pool maintenance can lead to algae build-up, broken filters, and green water that can cause many diseases to those who swim in it. Here is what you should know about swimming pool maintenance and how to properly implement it. 

Skim the Pool

You must keep the water in the pool free of leaves and other debris. You can achieve this by using the method of skimming to remove all unwanted particles. A skimmer basket is used to remove all the leaves, and you must clean your pool daily. Also,  buying a robot vacuum cleaner is the most efficient option to consider if you have the money. You also need to scrub the sides of the pool to prevent the build-up of algae. You can also use a swimming pool safety cover that not only protects the pool during winter but also keeps it away from any debris.

Use the Right Chemicals

You must use the right chemicals to clean your pool and keep the water free of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Stains on the surface of the pool can be unsightly, but the good thing is that there are chemicals designed to remove even the most stubborn ones. Expert pool technicians at thepoolstainremovers.com.au explain that with the right chemicals, you can maintain a  sparkling clean pool with minimum effort. All you need to do is to pour the chemicals into the water, and they will dissolve all the stains.   

Maintain Optimal pH Levels

You should maintain the pH at the right levels to give the swimmers a good experience. Ideally, you should maintain the pH level of your pool at between 7.2 and 7.8 while 7.4 should be the optimal level. When the pH level is lower, it means that you should add less chlorine to the water. An increase in the pH level means that the chlorine will become less active. Alternatively, you can use sodium bicarbonate to maintain the alkalinity of the water without reducing its pH levels. Regular baking soda can also do the job for you, and this solution is cost-effective.

Clean the Filter

You must clean the filter that plays a pivotal role in removing the impurities from the water. You need to clean the filter a couple of times depending on the usage of the pool. Some of the signs that indicate that it’s time to clean the filter include an obstructed drainage system, sluggish hose cleaner, and abnormal odors in the pool. To clean the filter, lift the cap found on the pool deck followed by removing the filter basket and cleaning all the debris and dirt. It is essential to change the filter when it is worn out as part of your pool maintenance.   

Maintain Water at the Right Level

It is critical to maintain the water in your pool at the right level. The water levels usually fluctuate as a result of too much use or a heavy storm. The level should be maintained halfway to the opening of the skimmer. When the water is too low, use your garden hose to refill it. Drain excess water if the level is too high. Check the chemical levels after refilling or draining some water from your pool. 

Use a Tennis Ball to Remove Oils

After swimming, certain oils from body lotions and hair products are likely to be left behind. These can form slick on top of the water. However, you can use a simple solution of just throwing a tennis ball into the water. The fiber material absorbs all the oil from the water. 

Clean the Pool Deck

The area surrounding your pool is very important such that you should keep it clean. You can use power washing to remove stains and rust. Start by sweeping the deck and remove leaves and dust before washing it. You also need to keep the area around the pool free of overgrown grass or shrubs. You must keep the lawn on the sides manicured and remove all the dead leaves. If you’ve done all this and your pool deck isn’t quite up to the standard you were hoping, you could always consider pool deck renovation in order to give your pool the facelift it needs. Getting a renovation may also improve the stability of the deck and make the area safer to use.

Schedule Annual Checkups

On top of all these maintenance tips, you should schedule a yearly pool barrier inspection Melbourne (or find someone local to you) to have someone inspect the pool’s mechanical equipment such as pumps, heating systems, filters, drainage systems, and the physical structure. Check for any leaks, cracks, or odd smells and present the list to the service person. Detecting a problem earlier helps you save money than fixing a bigger issue. 

Well-done swimming pool maintenance improves the appearance and value of your home, not to mention it provides tons of fun for you and your family members.  However, you must ensure that the water system is not damaged and remove all debris and contaminants from the pool to enjoy as many refreshing swims as you want without harming your health. It is vital to maintain the chemicals together with the water at the right levels. You must also hire a technician to service your swimming pool annually to avoid costly repairs down the line.