Derma Rollers

How Derma Rollers Affect Beard Growth

For those who want to rock a full and thick mane, slow hair growth can be quite frustrating. In a market that’s filled with many solutions, the quality of those solutions is not always up to par. It’s time to start looking into proven and effective ways that can stimulate beard growth. In the last few years, a lot of men have turned to derma rollers to resolve problems affecting their beard growth, and although derma rollers were mainly designed to treat acne scars, large pores, and other skin problems, they were proven effective as a solution to numerous skin conditions. Derma rollers are more increasingly being used to promote hair growth, and that includes beards. So without further ado, here’s how a derma roller can affect the growth rate of your beard.

What Are Derma Rollers?

In the past couple of years, the world has witnessed the importance of using derma rollers to stimulate the production of collagen and other growth factors that can make the skin look more youthful. Derma rollers are microneedles that work by damaging the skin surface in a controlled manner. This way, it alerts the body to start increasing its production of essential hormones and nutrients. These microneedles can also be used to stimulate the growth of hair and fight rosacea, baldness, and weak hair follicles. At first glance, you may think that they will feel painful, but these pins aren’t as dangerous as you’d think.

How to Use?

Derma rollers, in most cases, are tricky to use. This goes back to the fact that you are literally inflicting damage to your skin to make it better. If you are planning to do your own derma roller sessions, then you need the best possible quality. Reviews here suggest that browsing different derma rollers brands and materials is the only way to find the best possible option for your needs. After selecting the right brand and materials, it is time to choose the needle size. Choosing any needle size above 1.5mm should be done under the supervision of professionals. If you are planning to do your own sessions, then it’s best to choose either a 0.5mm or 1mm needle size. Bear in mind that using derma rollers leave your skin open to germs which consequently leave them more prone to breakouts. On the other hand, your open pores can be turned in your favor upon learning the right products that you can use to enhance the effect of derma rollers.

The Right Order

For your session to be fruitful, you need to start by using a gentle, yet effective face cleanser to ensure that your face doesn’t have any bacteria or sebum buildup. After this step, you should sterilize your derma roller to be able to safely use it without worrying about any negative side effects. After using the microneedles in all possible directions at least 10 times each time, you can apply a serum that enhances hair growth. However, you need to make sure that the serum you choose doesn’t clog pores. Some people prefer using AHA products to increase hydration. Others might prefer using vitamin C to increase collagen production. For hair growth, you can choose either of these serums along with a dedicated serum for hair growth for maximum possible effect.

How Does It Work?

There are hundreds of thousands of women who have incorporated a derma roller session in their monthly or bi-weekly beauty routine to fight away premature wrinkles, acne scars, sagginess, and more. So, how can using a derma roller on the face lead to beard growth in men? While women use the microneedles to stimulate collagen production and increase skin elasticity, men can use the same microneedles but for completely different purposes for one reason. Facial hair is androgenic hair. When microneedles are used to create controlled minimal damage, usually the production of growth hormones gets increased to heal the damaged tissues. In women, this means more collagen. In males, on the other hand, growth factors include collagen in addition to androgenic hormones. Therefore, using derma rollers to wanted tissue damages affect men differently by increasing the likelihood of growing a full beard.

You should never despair because you’ve tried a few solutions before to no avail. Derma rollers can be your true ally if nothing else worked. There is no doubt that stimulating your beard’s growth with a derma roller is not an instantaneous process. Investing time to research your best available options when it comes to derma rollers will benefit you in the long run.