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Stuck in a Career Rut? 8 Ideas for Creative Jobs That You’ll Love

It’s no secret that many people find themselves caught in a career rut. They seem to have ended up in jobs that aren’t fulfilling or even vaguely interesting; they simply go through the motions so they can receive a paycheck at the end of each month. If that sounds like you, what should you do next? You’re likely here today because you want some inspiration for a future career choice. With that in mind, take a look at these ideas for creative jobs that you will love:

1. Stonemasonry

A stonemason is someone that carves decorative blocks of stone, primarily for design or structural purposes for buildings like houses, churches, and period properties. Stonemasons often work with local historians and conservationists for projects on old buildings.

Stonemasons also work on other projects. For example, the grave markers from will have got created by stonemasons. Artists may also hire stonemasons to create sculptures that everyone in a public setting can enjoy.

Stonemasonry is a pretty creative and rewarding role, and it’s one where no two days are ever the same. It’s perfect for people that have a keen eye for detail and enjoy creative problem-solving.

2. Acting

You might be thinking that acting isn’t a career choice that you ever considered in the past. Yet, it could be the perfect creative job for you. Did you know that some actors and actresses had completely different careers before they got into acting?

For example, Harrison Ford was a carpenter, Mark Wahlberg was a musician, and Whoopi Goldberg worked as a mortuary cosmetologist. Those people are just three examples of individuals that found their true calling in life: acting.

You don’t necessarily need qualifications to get into acting, and you can have an agent represent you and potentially link you to upcoming movie parts.

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3. Photographer

For many people, photography is a passionate hobby they enjoy alongside their day jobs. But, for others, photography is something they would like to pursue if they could earn a living from it.

The thing is, photography is a career choice that isn’t just creative; it’s also well-paid. Many photographers earn a comfortable living, especially ones that cater to high-end or corporate clients.

If you’re new to professional photography but have more than a passing interest in it, you could benefit from having some instructor-led tuition on the subject and perhaps aim to get a qualification in it.

4. Musician

There’s no denying that some people have a natural gift for music. For example, they might have grown up in a family of musicians such as singer-songwriters or individuals that play specific instruments exceptionally well.

As with acting, many people have become accomplished musicians after starting life forging completely unrelated or uninteresting careers. One such example is David Bowie, who was a delivery boy for a local butcher. Another is Patti Smith, who worked in a toy factory.

Some people might have been born with musical talents, but that doesn’t mean they started their careers in the music industry. Check out this article from to see more examples of well-known musicians that began their careers with uninteresting day jobs.

5. Fashion Designer

Do you look at clothing as more than items to wear for certain occasions? Do you conjure up creative ideas on how you can make the next best fashion trend? If the answer to both questions is yes, you should consider forging a creative career in fashion design.

As the name suggests, a fashion designer is someone who applies design, aesthetics, and natural beauty to clothing and fashion accessories. Fashion designers generally have a good grasp of trends and can research previous ones to predict future ones.

6. Architect

Buildings from people’s homes to prominent skyscrapers all have one thing in common: they got designed by architects. As an architect, your job is to take each client’s design ideas and considerations and turn them into solutions that will work well in reality.

Architecture is a creative industry, and there’s plenty of scope to get involved with different niche areas such as classical design, modern construction, and historical restoration. An architect never has a dull day and will often get to oversee their designs as they get built.

7. Museum Curator

Some people undeniably have a fascination with the past or with life from a particular bygone age. What if there was a way you could combine such fascination or passion with a viable way to make a living?

One solution is to become a museum curator. Such a career choice involves managing exhibits and collections in museums and having the artistic and creative freedom to develop how the public interprets each display.

Museum curators get involved with sourcing and buying or borrowing exhibits, education, and dealing with inquiries. It’s a varied job, yet it’s also enriching and fulfilling for someone with a keen creative interest in the past.

8. TV Set Designer

As a TV set designer, your job is to design and create sets that appear in TV programs. You’d spend much of your time working with producers, directors, other members of staff, and, of course, celebrities and other notable people.

You have complete creative license to create eye-catching TV set designs in conjunction with construction and production companies. If you’ve got a keen eye for set design and know how to captivate an audience, a TV set designer job is for you.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, some people believe they must go through the motions with their dull and unfulfilling jobs because of the pressure to earn a living. The thing is, it’s entirely possible and even easy in some cases to get a new job; a more creative role in an exciting industry.

There’s no point working in a job you hate or one where you must work long hours for minimal financial gain and recognition. You are better off seeking creative jobs that you are passionate about and know you can succeed in doing.