German Mercedes-Benz Car Brands

Why German Cars Are So Well Made

When you hear about BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen, the term “German engineering” always comes to mind. In the public consciousness, many believe that their version of engineering is somehow superior to American auto. However, is this factual or simply the result of good marketing by German car brands?

For those who have A/B tested German vehicles against American vehicles, you may not have noticed a difference. After all, American automakers are no slouch when it comes to creating amazing vehicles capable of high-octane performance and precision handling. The Corvette, for instance, is a certified speedster.

To provide some clarity, we will break down the top six reasons why it’s perceived that German cars are so well made. Once we’ve covered that, we will provide information on how to find new cars for sale in Kansas City from German automakers.

History and Tradition

One big reason that the Germans have more influence than Americans in the court of public opinion is that they’ve been in the automobile game since day one. German lineage in automobiles can be traced back to 1879, when Karl Benz patented the first internal combustion engine. Mercedes-Benz practically pioneered the automobile market.

Speed and Performance

The expressways in Germany demand performance, which is why German vehicles are built for speed. They must be able to keep up with the breakneck pace of the Autobahn. Keeping that in mind, every German car is manufactured to hit the highest performance metrics possible in terms of handling, speed, safety, and drive quality. Considering that the first combustion engine was German made, they’ve had a lot of practice in refining and improving their designs to get the most out of their cars.


With brands like Mercedes and BMW, luxury and performance usually walk hand-in-hand. German automakers are notorious for using the highest quality materials for their interior designs in addition to making fashion-forward aesthetic choices for their exteriors. It’s not enough for the vehicle to perform at a high level. German automakers keep every facet of the user experience in mind, including the look and feel of the vehicle. Cars and SUVs are utilitarian in nature, but they are also works of art.

Engineering Is a Way of Life

Let’s get back to the term “German engineering.” Why is there so much gravity surrounding these two words? What most Americans don’t know is that engineering is an educational track many German students commit to before they complete their equivalent of high school. In German culture, being an engineer of vehicles carries a certain amount of pomp and circumstance. Engineers are effectively carrying on a legacy and tradition.


There are two sides to a vehicle brand – the consumer side and the competitive side. Most folks only concern themselves with the consumer side. However, in German culture, the racing side is equally (if not more so) important. Germans have always led the field in terms of motorsports, such as Formula 1 racing. In fact, the Mercedes-Benz AMG Petronas Formula One Team is the only team to ever win eight Constructors’ Championships in a row. The chances of that record ever being beat are slim to none.


If all Germans did was make amazing vehicles, that would be enough. As it turns out, they are also amazing at marketing their vehicles. Even though they are overseas, brands such as VW, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have marketed successfully to American audiences, shaping our impression of these vehicles so that they are synonymous with speed, luxury, and a history of victory. They have shown us that a car can be more than a car – they can be a status symbol.

Where to Find German Automobiles Near You

When it’s all said and done, the argument can easily be made that German vehicles are superior to American vehicles. They carry a rich history, a track record of winning, and they never fail to set the standard in terms of performance and handling. Further, Consumer Reports says that BMW routinely lands in the upper ranks based on performance metrics. However, Honda, Lexus, and Subaru are also on that list, so which brand is best all depends on who you ask.

For those looking for German vehicles in their area, you can kick off your search by Googling the phrase “German vehicles near me,” or you can search by a specific brand, such as Volkswagen or BMW. Either of those search options will bring up the closest dealerships in your area that sell new German vehicles.